18" VRM V710 wheels on 90TSI - Would they fit?


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I ordered a new set of V710 ET 45 form velocity motoring for my new 90TSI which hasn't even arrive. It's due in December this year.

Anyways, today the sales person from the dealer called me and I asked her about how much would the original 15" Wellington wheels and 195/55/R15 Michellin or Bridgeston tires would be just to give me an idea of how much I can sell them for since I won't use them at all - Anyone out there know how much would they go for?.

The really interesting thing was that she (sales person) told me that I COULD NOT use 18" wheels on my car. According to her you can only go to 2" higher than your standard wheel size, is this true?. This statement from her sounded completely erroneous to me, since I've seen a couple of new MK6 with 19" and 18" wheels in this forum.

Could someone please assure me that I won't have any issues with my new 18" wheels?

Thanks for your help in advance :confused:


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Did she mean by law yo u couldnt or they wouldnt physically fit ?? I can make 35 inch Offroad tires fit if I wanted to.


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Not quite sure what she meant, I think physically, but this is strange as the GOLF catalogue have them 18" Vision.


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you will have no problems fitting 18" ,i run 19" i get slight rubbing on the rear wheels when the suspension bottoms out


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I have the GT TSI which is 15mm lower than the standard TSI with official 18" Vancouvers. Supplied by VW so go figure, they work fine, no rubbing what-so-ever.