Alloy wheels


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I'm looking to purchase a 1.4 160ps GT (without ACC) and am unsure whether to go for 17 or 18 inch alloys.

I know that in a lot of cars a clear difference in terms of harshness of ride can be detected between differing alloy sizes whilst in others the difference may be negligible.

Any ideas as to whether there is a noticeable difference harshness-wise between 17's and 18's?


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I have a mk5 GTI and have both 17s and 18s and notice very little difference. Only time i really notice is in old cobbled streets or on ribbed concrete going into some industrial estates round were i live basically were the suspension is given a real workout. On uk normal roads theres very little if anything in it at all.


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As far as i know these are the seattle wheels would i be right?? i think the look pretty good for 17"s!



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ah ok, was just wondering if that was the wheel pack option thing where it lowers the suspension too.


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18" allow wheels

i recently just scratched a little bit of the outside of the rim and its bugginnn me out!!!...nothing seious but any suggestions on what to do ,,,?...any thing that can cover up or w.e??