Almost didn't pass RECON - With DG SPRINGS!


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cool beans. You should join the Edition808 group on FB. Seems like the main way everyone is communicating, nowadays. There isn't too much traffic on this subforum.


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Do I need Recon for my Recon Drone?



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Yeah, recon is stupid. I never even tried to get it because I know I'll fail. haha.


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Wow that is wild, I always thought california was mad for mods... this is a whole new level... That's how it is over in western europe.

Moving from Hawaii to Cali was just as much a PITA. Recon is "required" for modded cars but alot of people get away with it. I lived there two years with a lowered MK4 and MK6 with no issues. As for Cali, there is no skipping out on smog.


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Hey, going to HI mid-2018. Has anyone you know failed recon for having an exhaust that is deemed too loud? I have a Beluga Racing exhaust and APR DP. It is sorta loud on WOT, but somewhat quiet otherwise.

Thanks in advance!


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javiersan, the guys I knew never had an issue with their exhaust being too loud. I remember the main reasons for guys getting recon were for lowering/raising the car, tint and/or rims. Although, it's been years since I've looked into the recon requirements so I'm not too much help. I think you'll be fine imo.

Welcome to the islands in advance!