Anyone from Detroit or the Michigan Area?


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They're baaad around here too

Big Boy...a bunch of them closed up around here, I'm not sure what happened and/or how many are left

Denny's too

This is true. I couldn't even tell you where the closest Big Boy to me is.

Dan, thanks again! It was great meeting you.

If anyone in the Detroit area needs suspension work done, definitely hit up Dan!


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I'm in a red 2 door in R.O. not an R and not stock. Winter mode can be deceiving?

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Stock? I've seen one stock, around there a few times

Mine is stock exterior except for mudflaps, and I had my black winter wheel/tire set on at time of my post. I have now switched to my OE wheel/summer tires.
I am no longer stock though - about a month ago I upgraded to a Stage 2 clutch and APR Stage 1 tune.