brobst's road to k04- 13' CSG 6MT


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EDIT: April 2018, new motor
We did it. We k04 now!!! Now to maximize its potential...
EDIT: Feb 2018
E30 blend, Mabotech tuned
Made 356whp/355wtq on dynojet in 85F in Florida heat. Comparison is ots eurodyne k04 file for pump gas 93 octane. Major gains!

Showing off some Mabotech apparel.

EDIT: December 2017
Mabotech tuned k04
pump gas logs- need to update the link
E30 logs
Mabotech revision logs, not complete yet, pump 93 gas Tune logs: Less lean, better for the car imo for now.
brobst101|MaboTech file logs
Data logs from dyno day. Old file, lean but holy power: | brobst101 | Dyno day k04 file

The beginning steps on the road to k04, which is now no longer the road to f23t FrankenTurbo.
This is the story of my first car, my first manual, and my first mod streak. When it was time for me to finally get a car, I had my mind set on 2 vehicles WRX STI or GTI. The sounds of STIs 'rally cars' riding around always caught me eyes. And my fiance drove a mk4 GTI, so I was also familiar with the 'hot hatch' capability. I knew I wanted a manual because I always wanted to learn. My dad drove a Stage 1 Jetta GLI VR6 6MT so I knew what Volkswagens were capable of doing. Long story short, what sold me on the GTI was the superior interior. Purchased in May 2013.
Favorite Side Shot

The story

Apparently someone liked my car in the snow (I love you!)

I learned the stick on the Jetta then transitioned to the GTI. My first task was driving it 500 miles back to Michigan for school. We made it but lets just say I was far from the greatest at the time. One year later, here I am comfortable behind the clutch and starting my mod journey.

So initially as most youth do, I put a sub woofer in the car. 8" enclosed Polk sub with matching Polk amp in case I want to do later sound upgrades. As with most stock systems, the lows were lacking.

Then I joined this forum and I caught the mod bug. By the end of the first year I had purchased an P-flo intake, Neuspeed 25mm front and rear sways, and APR 3" exhaust.
And then I met the MIVE (Michigan Volkswagen Enthusiast) community. And boy have they been helpful with the VAGCOM and mechanical advice.

Plans for tuning the car are down the road. I want to wait out the warranty some before I really get into the modding. But I am still looking to have some fun in that mean time.

---Current Car state-----------------------
K04 tune Eurodyne May 2017
Stage 2 Eurodyne March 2016-retired

Polk 8" sub and amp July 2013---Removed March 2017
front Europlate (brobst) May 2014
Newsouth vent boost gauge August 2014
Soundaktor delete August 2014
Color matched front/rear emblems August 2014
OEM Hella LED tails July 2015
LED reverse lights December 2015
DeAutokey LED turn signals March 2016
DeAutoKey LED footwell lights April 2016
Uberstealth sub March 2017

Neuspeed P-flo July 2014
APR 3" Turboback exhaust July 2014
BMW Clutch Stop June 2014
Neuspeed 25mm Rear sway bar August 2014
Enkei Fujin 18x8, 19lbs September 2014
HPA SHS coilovers September 2014
HPA 75a red puck October 2014 --Removed May 2016
VF short shifter, Shifter bracket bushings, shifter bushings, April 2015 --removed August 2018
Neuspeed 25mm front sway bar April 2016
Tyrolsport front deadset kit April 2016
Usp stage 2 intake pipe April 2016
034 Motorsports Engine, transmission, & pendulum mounts 31.6k miles May 2016
VWR subframe top and bottom mounts 31.6k miles May 2016
Superpro Anti-lift kit 31.6k miles May 2016
GoFastBits DV+ July 2016
ECS stainless steel clutch line and delay valve removal 35k miles Sept 2016
Tyrolsport brake caliper stiffening kit 35.7k miles Sept 2016
Stoptech slotted rotors and 309 sport pads 35.7k miles Sept 2016
Whiteline front sway bar end links 36.4k miles Oct 2016
ClutchMasters fx350 with light weight fly wheel 36.7k miles Oct 2016
Mfactory limited slip differential 36.7k miles Oct 2016
Continental DWS 06 225/40/18 37.1k miles Nov 2016- removed June 2017 43.4k miles
APR intercooler 37.7k miles Nov 2016
Raceseng shift knob 40k miles Jan 2017
Awe Turbo outlet pipe Apr 2017
Oem golf R k04 turbo port and polished, ceramic coating 42.4k miles May 2017
Unitronic dv relocation 42.4k miles May 2017
Apr catch can & boos 42k miles May 2017
Neuspeed charge pipe 42k miles May 2017
Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 summer tires 43.4k miles June 2017
Fluidampr pulley 45.3k miles August 2017 Removed April 2018 with new engine
Short block replaced 56327 miles April 2018
Fuel it ethanol sensor June 2018
APR stg1 intake 61800 July 2018
Dieselgeek ss kit 61900 August 2018

-------Mods Coming Soon:
Wallet recovery

Some old mod reviews
Reserve for Mod Review

Clutch Stop- Amazing. Who knew that much petal travel could be eliminated. My leg thanks me. Best mod you could do for $10.

APR 3" turbo back exhaust- I love this thing. Quiet when I need it to be. But loud when you get on it. And it passes the wife test so it is definitely worth it. No fitment issues.

P-flo intake- Inexpensive RAM air intake for the extra whoosh sounds. Easy install.

NewSouth vent pod- It was easy to route through my existing routes for the subwoofer. Bought it used so had a little trouble with the wire taps, but after some new clips and adjusting, we got the gauge working properly. Now I can finally see my stock 10psi. [emoji2]

Neuspeed 25mm rear sway bar- Car definitely feels better in the turns. I have it set to the stiffer setting and it feels good so far in the 2 on ramps I took this evening. Only concerns iare potential noise from the new endlinks and having to re-grease the bushings in about a year. First impressions are I made the right choice on the hollow bars.

Soundaktor delete- Coupled with this quiet turbo back, I can finally enjoy my soothing wind noise.

Color Matched Emblems- This was just something fun I wanted to try and I think it looks pretty clean. The front looks a tad bit more aggressive. The rear looks more uniform.

Enkei Fujin- These rims are about 5lbs lighter than the Lagunas. The weight reduction on the butt dyno is reasonable. I think I can feel it some. I went with 7 spokes because I do not like even number spokes and 5 spokes are too common.

The rest of the reviews are integrated in the posts.
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maintenance logs
Tune- 28,700 stg2, 42,400 k04
10k service done
20k service done at Ralph Thayer VW (about 18k miles I think)
30k service done at Ralph Thayer VW (about 26k miles)
Oil Change- 32,200miles, 37,400miles, 42,400 miles, 42,600miles, 48,562miles, 53118 miles
Coil packs- 28,750 (03/20/16)
Spark plugs- 28,750 ngk 7 (03/02/16), 42,400 ngk 8 (05/06/17), ngk 8 0.024gap (09/04/17) 48,300,
Clean air filter- 28,780 (03/01/16) , 41,360 (04/01/17), 53119 (1/31/18)
Cabin filter- 33,400 (07/05/16), 44,000 (06/08/17), 59,819 (06/30/18)
Brake flush (ATE 200) - 35,600 (09/10/16), 60,039 (07/04/18)
Fuel filter-41k miles 03/2017, 62k miles 09/2018
Battery replace- 42.6k (05/13/17)
Timing chain and tensioner 45.3k miles 08/2017
Alignment - (05/10/17), (10/03/17) 48972, (04/17/18) 56327, (07/07/18) 60062, (10/20/18) 65900
Tie rod ends replaced- 60,039 (07/04/18) Lemforder
Transmission fluid flush OEM fluid- 61850 (08/10/18)
New motor- 56327 (04/17/2018)
Old/Removed-- K04 tune Cobb 58200 for pump and E40 05/29/18.
ED Tune update log- 6/26/18 07/04/18
Spark plugs- ngk 8 irridium 0.024 (04/28/18) 56600, irridiums 73925 miles (05/04/2019)
Oil Change- 57455 (05/15/18), 62868 (09/01/18), 68018 (12/08/18) motul 5w-40, 73925 (05/04/2019)
New pcv ah revision 09/01/18
APR intake filter 60873 (07/28/18)

Tire Stuff
DWS06 tires retired
Tire rotation- 31,700* for old tires
Tire rotation Old Dws06 Tires- 37,170 (3-5k later), 40,300
Tire Balance- 39.9k,
Hankook Ventus v12 summer tires (43888 miles - 55915 miles) tread depth 7/32 all around
Tire Rotation - 43,388 (06/01/17), 46740 (08/17/17), 51232 (11/13/17), 53118 (01/31/18)
Tire Balance- 43,388
Install (05/01/2018) (56955 miles -65900 miles ) Removal 10/21/2018
Tire Rotation- 60,039 (07/04/18), 77,600 (08/28/2019)
Install (05/04/2019) (73925 miles -)
Winter Steelies 16x6.5 et42 24lbs (55915 miles -56955miles ) tread depth ~4/32 all around beginning
Passenger rear no TPMS sensor
Install (10/21/2018) (65940 miles--73925miles)
Tire Rotation- 70,387 (02/08/2019)
Removed 05/04/2019
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Good stuff. Where about in Michigan?


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I'm just north of you in Pinckney.


Might I suggest a set of LED tails on your future cosmetic mod list? Reps are only like $350. OEM are closer to $600 though. I went with Eds Reps and they've been good. They much improve the back side of the car.


On a CSG for ya:

and for stock comparison:



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They are definitely in my list for next year. Everything above I own, just is not on the car yet. I love the LED look. Thinking dark cherry w/fog


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I put my dogbone mount in about a week and a half ago. At first I was a bit worried because as soon as I started my car there was a good amount of vibration. Also when taking off from first I felt like I wasn't giving it enough gas (even though I was). Well, ~600 miles later and it has "settled" and isn't as rough feeling. I'm really not sure if shifts are crisper or if I get better throttle response. Let me know what you think when you get yours in.


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I put my dogbone mount in about a week and a half ago. At first I was a bit worried because as soon as I started my car there was a good amount of vibration. Also when taking off from first I felt like I wasn't giving it enough gas (even though I was). Well, ~600 miles later and it has "settled" and isn't as rough feeling. I'm really not sure if shifts are crisper or if I get better throttle response. Let me know what you think when you get yours in.

Does that have to be stop and go mileage or can I just put 500 highway miles on the mount and call it a day?
I will let you know how it feels when I get a chance to install.


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I'm not sure if it makes a difference WHAT kind of driving is done. I'm definitely not the expert on it. Daryll at HPA would be the man to ask.