Car has power but just clicks when trying to start!


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I was driving to work yesterday and everything was fine. I end up parking the car and i turn it off, but i quickly realized that my tires are turned and as a habit i like keeping them straight. I go to turn the car back on so i can turn the wheel and then it just clicks. Lights come on the dash, the clutch is pushed down and the car recognizes that too, but the car just wont crank. Didn't think jumping would solve it but tried it just in case, and it didn't work. Im thinking its starter related? Any ideas? This all happened within a minute of me turning my car off after a drive to work and then it just wouldnt start. Starter showed 0 issues up to this point and i know they usually dont go out abruptly so thats y im confused.


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Could be the starter.
It happened to me a month or two ago. It wasn't out of nowhere though, it was cranking super weak and then no cranking.
Try and bumpstart, have the car be pushed and then dump the clutch in second, or first (if you're going really slow)