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Changing Springs on SoloWerks S1 coilovers?


New member
Hey guys, wanting to go lower in the front and I'm unsure about it.

I want to do a 5 inch spring with a 20k+ spring rate, that much I know.

However, I'm not sure what other dimensions I need. SoloWerks apparently has their spring specs within Fort Knox, I can't find any information on them anywhere.

Any help from people that have done this? Brands to recommend?


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Kinda what I figured. I'm doing a stancy boi build and feel like I kinda messed up getting SoloWerks, but hey they were my first coils and everyone makes mistakes.

Thanks for the info!


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Yes racelands will get you that stance boy look for cheap. BC's can go rather low but more money and H&R make an ultra low kit but even more money.


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SoloWerks have a 3 year warranty as well. I think I'm going to go either BC's or the H&R Ultra Lows. I don't mind paying the extra as long as it's worth it!


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Check up on the warranties. I know H&R used to be lifetime, now it’s only 1 year on ultra lows. Mine started leaking badly, and they no longer rebuild them. Only option was to replace with new.