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Hi all. First off, I am in fact just a sophomore in college and yes I am blessed to have this car with this amazing forum. I love every minute of it. Comments and criticism are welcome. It's the internet after all :laugh:. I have a slow moving build, but it's in the works! After my parents being generous enough to buy me a car, I was debating what car could be my first car, something I had been dreaming about since I could even talk. I was looking at pre-owned mk5 R32's when my cousin's wife taught me how to drive stick on her Toyota Yaris :D since I now knew I could drive stick, I was looking at GTI's, Civic Si's and used Subaru WRX's. Well long story short I ended up with the GTI! This car came from The Dean Team of Kirkwood all the way out of Kirkwood, Missouri just outside St. Louis. Reason being is after having a terrible experience with Autobarn of Countryside, we looked around on our own. We came across this car on the internet and it was optioned out the way I wanted (Autobahn 2 door 6 speed manual) and was in the color my mom (sadly) wanted me to have (Deep Black Pearl Metallic). So after a few years, here I am! Dumping more and more money into her :D. Hope you enjoy!


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NEWEST WHEELS (pics of on car to come)


35% Tint
LEDs all through the cabin
superbrightleds license plate lights
Hoen Xenon match fog lights
6% Lamin-X foglight tint
Calipers painted black
Tinted side markers
Ed's VACAR LED tail lights
Bacon fenders in the front
Winter Wheels:18x8" ET45 Alzor wheels (RS4 reps)
Super awesome authentic German license plate (GDM, yo.)
Custom Home Depot front lip
18x8.5" +44 Mercedes AMG monoblock powder coated candy red [SOLD]
Weds Kranze Glossa 18x8 +46/18x9 +46
^will be wrapped in 215/35 Nankang NS-20

Godspeed downpipe --> My review on this fantastic dp is a must see. Link is here. Only about $170! READ IT!
Eurojet catback exhaust with bottle resonator cut out
Black Forest Industries Stage 1 dogbone insert
REVO Stage 2 tune
South Bend Stage 3 drop-in clutch disk and resurfaced flywheel (will be replaced due to continued slipping)
R8 coil packs
Neuspeed P-Flo intake with red piping

UNINSTALLED -- H&R Super Sport springs on stock dampers
FK StreetLine coilovers --> current FTG: front 23.5" rear 23.1"

Minor mods/VCDS tweaks
Soundaktor unplugged
Roll windows up and down with key fob
Coded tail lights
Driver seat heater memory
Comfort turn signal set to 4 blinks
XDS set to 2 (I think? Can't remember)
Torque steer compensation set to 2
DRL coded off
Rear wiper swipe in reverse turned off
Various vinyl wrapped interior trim pieces
Tie-dye Klii Motorworks rear emblem insert

Other future plans include:
-Wavetrac LSD
-Wider and more rare 3 piece wheels
-Accuair or Airlift Performance system (BAGZ BRO)
-H&R sways (maybe)
-CTS K04 kit with Revo tune
-HS Tuning clutch kit
-BSH catch can
-VWR 6 piston big brake kit (if I can afford it) :wub:
-Realistically a TTRS or Cayenne brake swap
-Cipher CPA2001 seats in maroon :wub:
-Unibrace UB
-NewSouth vent mount boost gauge
-Eurosport front upper and lower strut braces
-TWM A6 Leopard shift knob in satin with custom shift boot
-JOM Golf-style badgeless grille
-42 Draft Designs shift bushings
-SPULEN quick change short shifter
-GoFastBits DV+
-Neuspeed FMIC kit
-If I'm feeling really crazy then maybe .:R front bumper and headlight housings and a carbon fiber rear diffuser

Thanks for looking!
Chris :thumbsup:
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Bad news.. the dealer they're getting the car from wants to truck it out to my dealer rather than drive it because they want the car they get in exchange to not have a bunch of miles on it. ARGH! :mad: Trucking it may take about a week and extra $700 expense. ALSO my dealer does not communicate well with me at all! Not having a good experience!

well in all fairness, do you really want a car (from out of state NY, not knowing which state may or may not be far) that has a lot of unaccounted for miles? when i test drove a gti, the dealer thought it was the best idea to take me to the steepest hill around and say go. 5 seconds later the car was filled with the wonderful smell of clutch. not saying its cant happen on a low mileage new car, but you never know how the car has been handled before you get it.


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RECIEVED THE CAR! Came in today! only got two crappy iphone pics sorry, but better ones will be up soon! (although i'm no professional at photography haha)


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Made my first step into the modding world today but did it in a small way.. Ordered smoked sidemarkers and LED license plate lights tonight.


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Been a while since i updated this.. Got another bad picture and trying to experiment with posting pics without having to attach them. :mad0259:
Lets see if this works:

ALSO i got my license plate lights and side marker kit from ECS. They're installed and i'm loving em! I don't have alot of time to put up pics with school and other things and i don't have a remarkable camera but my dad has a good one so hopefully i will get around to posting some new pictures!