DIY install - Directed 4x10 remote start 3x oem lock


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So I finished my second remote start install today. Took some pics to get you guys over the hurdles I encountered. First, you need the install manual found on

On my 2010 GTI with DSG, I used instructions for type 4 'Regular Key.' It shows 4 wires to connect at the steering column control unit. I didn't see a way to remove the 2 bolts for the lower cover and spent extra time removing the steering wheel. I guess turning to the right spot you can wiggle them out. The hard part is VW doesn't make that steering harness very long, even after you start peeling the tape around it. I had to cut and sort of extend the wires as I made my connections. All solder and heat shrink, I suppose you could cheat with wire taps but I don't. The connector comes apart into 2 pieces to make this a little easier. The ignition wire color is not noted in the instructions, on my car it's black.

If you have gotten this far, you need to make a wrap for the ignition cylinder. I used some spare garage door wiring and covered it with electrical tape. There are plenty of extra wires in your kit so you could repurpose one of them. One end goes to the 4x10 module at #4 yellow/red, the other goes to your key wrap. They recommend 4-6 loops, it basically uses a relay to activate the immo signal.

A spare key or immo chip must be in the loop for anything to work. Another piece of wire wraps around the key, covered with tape. One end goes to #3 brown/red and the other to the ignition wrap we just made. You want to hide the key on the car or in the harness somewhere.

Power and ground should be self explanatory. I used a spade connector at the fuse box and a metal bracket screw.

Things like siren and clutch didn't apply to me. The CAN network has your hood, locks, lights, etc. and you tapped into that at the steering column. If you do have a manual car, you'll need to find the VESCM plug C (brown) and tap into pin 30 (violet/black wire). I connected this to a programmable output (H1/12 brown wire) on the unit as a way to simulate the clutch (ground when locked) and not use 'ready mode.' Makes it work like an automatic. There will be a number of wires and harnesses leftover that are not used. You can now reassemble all the trim.

I used an xkloader2 to program the new unit after I registered on their website. Options like outputs and runtime can be changed, up to 60 minutes! Don't forget the little on/off switch, I put mine inside the fuse panel. Follow the instructions for the initial setup, basically turn on the car, wait, press unlock on your remote, wait, turn off the car. I would advise against programming any 'smart' options as the car might lock itself or shut off unexpectedly.

Now it's working, but for features like Pitstop mode you need the remote to work when the car is running. VW doesn't like that. The trick to this is in the central electrics module using VCDS. You need to change byte 4 bit 2 for 'Remote Control with "terminal 15 on" Inactive.' After this, you should have full remote start features with the OEM remote.

I have used the 4X10 quite a bit on my manual 09 GTI and it works flawlessly. They give you a warning sticker to put under the hood. Got the bugs worked out on the 2010 and it basically worked first try. I had enabled a couple smart features that worked against me.
Comes in handy with the kids, pets, cold weather etc. Post up if this helped or you have any questions.
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At least list the parts we need to do this and where to buy them...


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Directed 4X10 from Crutchfield (pre-programmed) or Amazon (blank). Edit- no longer on Crutchfield 2/5/16. $85 on Amazon, super cheap!!
A spare key from your VW dealer.
Torx bits.
Electrical tape.
Soldering iron or wire taps.
Male spade connector or add-a-fuse.
Xpresskit Xkloader2 sold separately if you want to program it, from Amazon.

Most of what you need is really in the box. Bring your tools and have a vagcom hookup ready.
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Hey, awesome write up!

I'm actually an MECP certified tech - so to me this is super awesome and impressive. I've contemplated putting an 4x in my 08.5 manual, but I've heard people were having issues with getting starter output from the 4x. Did you have an issues like this during your 09 install?


and again, awesome write up!


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Thanks! I really had no issues at all. Once I programmed the 'negative when locked' output I was able to simulate the clutch pedal, it works like an automatic. The vagcom/vcds for the remote when running was the other trick. I love it.

so the clutch wire didnt actually work?


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Yes, anyone can register and firmware is flashed via their website. You need the XKloader2 which is sold separately, but worth having. For example, Crutchfield sent it preloaded with Eos software, which would probably still work. But runtime was like 10 min, and I ended up changing a few things. I found it significantly cheaper on Amazon but it came as a blank slate.
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thanks, I dug around a bit and purchased the xk2loader and 4x10, Sorry in advance for any stupid questions that have been asked before. The various modules, years and parts lists kind of get me confused when researching the DIYs. Your did a good job on your writeup so I am finally giving it a shot after lurking on it for a year.