DRedman45 build in progress


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I'm okay with them now. I got my CCB. I wasn't even pissed about it. I've been waiting on TM Tuning since October and Forge since November so they're not the only ones.

Although, because NGP is so close I've thought about switching over to APR, but that would meant throwing away too much money.


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I got my car back from the body shop yesterday, after being hit and ran on....I wanted to do some filling and shaving, but i had to hold off until i get the k04 done, so i can have the monies for that...for some reason insurance doesn't cover than :iono::bellyroll:

anyways...back to some progress

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emptied out the catch can


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No problem. I would never thought those two colors would look as good together as they do. It's perfect. Are you getting center caps for them or just leaving them as is?