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Story of my R:D

Took this snap the day I got her:

Now here is where my Golf R's tuning story begins. I've always been a dub guy but this is the first car I've decided to mod/tune and it was a direct result of joining this site and reading Grambles' threads. His background in engineering, enthusiasm for modding cars, and excellent technical write-up's intrigued me enough and gave me just enough knowledge to be slightly dangerous:D

First, it was the Tune and Tails.

Man, I was so stoked that day. The OEM led tail purchase should have been the first sign that I would soon be dumping money into this car every few months.

Before I knew it, I put on the Neuspeed Rse12's, color-matched side markers, and window tint:

By the way, another nice thing about these little hatches is that you can just fold the seats down and you have plenty of room to fit a full APR RSC turboback exhaust and take a nice leisurely drive on over to APTuning to have it installed.

Or you could just fold one seat down and load up one pair of skis, one set of ski poles, one ski-boot bag, and still have room to tie someone up in your trunk.

Anyway, here is the engine bay as she sits (Sorry, crappy cell pic...I'll get a better one in soon):

  • APR Stage 2+ tuned ECU
  • Unitronic Intake
  • 42DD Catch Can
  • One extra soundaktor

One of the main reasons I got this car was because I wanted just a little more confidence in the snow than the GTI. Don't get me wrong, the GTI can be a champ in the snow and the only time it ever failed me when I wanted to go skiing was when two feet accumulated and I don't think my R could have made it through that either. However, the R is just more planted and has great traction even with just all-seasons. I love this car in the snow, she just looks so good with a little white on her :D

I know that's kind of a tl;dr picture story so here is the full list of my mods:
  • APR Stage 2+ Tune
  • Unitronic Intake
  • CTS Heat Shield
  • APR Intercooler
  • Neuspeed Charge Pipe
  • Neuspeed Discharge Pipe
  • GFB DV+
  • 42DD Catch Can
  • R8 Coil packs/iridium plugs
  • USP Spulen Dogbone Insert
  • BFI Stage "1.5" motor mount
  • BFI Stage 1 transmission mount
  • BSH pendulum mount
  • ESC Defeat + other vag-com tweaks
  • Polo WRC Alcantara Steering Wheel
  • New South Performance blue boost gauge
  • OEM LED Tails
  • CM Side-markers
  • BFI air leather shift knob
  • OEM Rain Guards
  • DeAutokey Interior lights w/ blue footwells
  • Apex USB port
  • R seat-handle inserts
  • Llumar 30% Tint all around
  • 3M Clear Bra
  • remove sun visor warning stickers
  • RSR clutch from HSTuning
  • HPA Short Shifter w/ Spulen metal s2s lever
  • 42DD end-link bushings
  • Tyrolsport SSBB
  • Haldex upgrade (possible 2017 mod)
  1. Koni FSD
  2. VWR Springs
  3. Tyrolsport Deadset Subframe Collars
  4. VWR F&R Sways
  5. Whiteline Adjustable Front End Links- currently off the car until warranty replacement comes in
  • Winter set-up: 18" OEM Talledega's with Continental DWS
  • Summer set-up: Neuspeed Rse12's Hyperblack w/ Michilin PSS
  • ECS Drilled Slotted Rotors
  • Carbotech 1521 pads

Thanks for looking and have a blessed day:D
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dang brah... and it only has 2 doors and a manual :laugh:


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Nice progress brother. :thumbup:

I'd suspect we'd all be surprised how much was spent on our vehicles once we do the math.

Keep up the good work!


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Looks great with the wheels... well, at least I believe they do.


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Nice black I have owned 5 black cars and I just don't think I would ever do it again. At least not as a daily driver. The color is just too damn hard to keep clean and even more important keep swirl marks off of.


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It's like what Lenin said... you look for the person who will benefit, and, uh, uh...

D Griff

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Nice car dude, manual and all!

Your wheels look really good with the black car.


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Nice car dude, manual and all!

Your wheels look really good with the black car.

Thanks mang:thumbsup:

So, yeah...I'm still scratching my head at how much I spent on my R. It's nuts. It defies logic. I serves no practical purpose. I guess I am blessed that I am in a position to just throw money at a VW Golf like that but I probably could have bought a whole other Golf for that money. The sick thing is that I'm not done. I have more ideas:

  • Haldex controller upgrade (I guess soon I'll be able to flash it through ODBII port)
  • Engine/tranny mounts
  • Boost gauge
  • Endlinks for the sways
  • lighter control arms
  • Euro cup holder
  • Underseat drawers
  • Ugrade the rns-315... To what? I don't know yet lol
  • Brakes- probably just upgraded rotors/pads... A bbk will kill me:eek:

I mean, where does it stop? It doesn't. It's and endless journey. I'm so deep in this car I can't get rid of it. I'll probably be driving it for ten years.


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mustache rash

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I'm coming up on a $40,000 fwd k04 turbo Yarris :(

It's a hobby though.... I would spend the same amount on a more expensive car too.


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Entirely complimentary, but this thing looks like such a sleeper! From a distance it would look like just another golf.