Escort 9500ci Install


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After many $ and more $ I got the 9500ci installed today.

I bought the Escort 9500ci which is a radar detector and laser shifter. More info can be found

I also got the screen for the 9500ci installed inside a auro dimming rear view mirror. I got this done by They provide a amazing service, very fast shipping and great quality product. Check out their website for sure! I am absolutely amazed by the end result!

Enjoy the pictures below!

IMG_5976 by masterinstructor, on Flickr

IMG_5977 by masterinstructor, on Flickr

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photo 1 by masterinstructor, on Flickr

photo 2 by masterinstructor, on Flickr

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It was not cheap but I LOVE it! Mirror install is pretty awesome!


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Nice clean install. Cheers.


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Very clean, and that mirror is awesome! Damn, I kind of want that mirror now... auto-dim AND radar/laser display.


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Wow, that's some pretty awesome stealth mode you got going on there...


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Very nice install.

I'm planning to install an Escort Qi45 w/ shifter pack in my '11 GTI also. I'm interested to know how you chose the component locations, i.e., why shifters behind the upper grill, and not the lower?

Also, could you point me to the directions for lower grill removal? I've searched, but I can't find it.

Thanks much, and congrats again -


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Awesome bro


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I love the whole install except where you put the mute button.


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Looks sick! too much money for me tho lol ill stick with my 8500 passport lol

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Wish the V1 had something like that, but I will just deal with my windshield mount for the better detector anyways. :)

Love how that one installs though!