Hey MK6 in Atlanta area


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Hello ( - - ) ( _ _ ) v

my name is Lee. I am from Korea. and I came here like two years ago

and two years of hell Saving finally got my 2012 GTI !

I been peeking on this website with all the envyz....

I am looking for a MK6 meet up and MK6 local clubs that are In Atlanta Area

please provide me some of information please

with all due respect



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We just got a 2012 GTI, loving it so far! We're in Suwanee, just outside of Atlanta, too. Might be interested in meet-ups. Is there a GTI club in Atlanta?


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I would be interested in a very north ATL meet... I'm in Cumming


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Sure, I'd be up for a meet and greet some time. Weekends are pretty open for me. If it's just a few of us, we could meet anywhere really. Meeting somewhere near Lake Lanier might be fun, plus we'd get some shade. There are a few free parking areas around the Buford Dam.

On another note, anyone have an OEM head unit they're interested in selling? I got the super basic stereo and my wife wants a touch screen. If you have one, lemme know how much you want for it.


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I'll be out of town for a couple of weeks, then clear for a while...

Maybe we should go take over REVO in Buford!


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since there quite a few folks with MK6s around ATL we should do GTG sometime.

I suggest at first to gtg in some parking lot so we can get to know each other.


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panera bread by exit 108 (sugar loaf) would be a good place for our small gathering.
grab something to eat/drink there and hangout outside should be okay since its only gonna be 4-6cars


starbucks on buford drive (mall of ga) in front of krispy kreme should be okay too, they have more parking lot available in the back


cafe seven off steve reynold and satellite (near by kroger and Atlanta Toyota) should be a good place for weekdays only though. they can be pretty packed during the weekend
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