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After the -SHOP AND MOD REVIEW by Allset: TYROLSPORT & PELOQUIN's LSD (pics)- who happens to be a fellow club member and friend, I came across the -TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Subframe Collar Kit-.

Subframe Integrity:
I thoroughly enjoy reviewing the suspension improvement options for the MK5 and MK6 GTIs. There are endless threads devoted to the dreaded “subframe clunk” and “steering click” and I’ve tried to remedy my own issue with several recommendations such as the OEM Audi subframe bolts & shims and even installed new strut bearings. I’m the guy that goes out of my way to replace the subframe bolts every time my subframe was dropped to toss any possible stretched bolts that are not meant to be re-used. Needless to say, none of these solutions worked.

TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Subframe Collar Kit Description:
Enter the TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Subframe Collar Kit.
From the description on their website, it seemed to be the complete solution for a laundry list of cars:
(MK5 Rabbit/Jetta/GTI/GLI/R32, MK6 Golf/Jetta/GTI/GLI/Golf R, MK5 Audi A3, MK2 Audi TT/TTS/TTRS, B6 Passat/CC)

You can finally eliminate the subframe clunk that VW/Audi was never able to resolve. The OEM TSB “fix” does not address the root cause of the clunk because it reuses the OEM hardware. It’s not long before the clunk returns. The failure of the OEM bolts is one of the primary causes of the subframe clunk, and they must be replaced. We have worked with world renowned fastener company ARP to develop custom hardware for this application. The bolts meet National Aerospace Standard for tensile strength yet mimic the oem hardware in shear. They are then oxided for increased durability. Our collars are machined out of 954 Billet Bronze Alloy for the ultimate in strength and corrosion resistance. It is the combination of this hardware which makes our kit so successful at solving the problem. Finally, a solution that works, is easy to install, and won’t break the bank! -Click Here for the Installation Overview-

TyrolSport Product Development:
While at their shop I got to talking with Mike Pancheri, the business owner and Greg Trillo, the product development manager. Greg offered me an interview to learn more about how they realized the need for this subframe solution and how they developed this kit using parts made in the USA, CAD engineering and 3D printing. Future product developments include a Deadset rear subframe kit, revised brake caliper stiffening kit (with grease retention caps / no re-greasing necessary), a modular downpipe for TSI models and the new Golf R, Golf R solid rear subframe bushings, a Deadset dogbone kit and short shifter kit for various models.

While servicing several cars they noticed that the current setup produced the dreaded “clunking” noise and left a visible imprint showing shifting in the subframe. Event with my Audi bolts and shims, they pointed out the visible imprint that the shims left showing that they were still moving around and not staying in place. Greg explained that the issue is the stock VW/Audi bolts are required to perform two functions: locate (keep in one place) and fasten (sandwich the subframe). From a design perspective the OEM bolts are serving two functions which they are not designed to do effectively, hence the subframe slop and “clunking”. I’ve always believed that the subframe slop led to a decrease in effective steering response, braking and acceleration.

Bolts are responsible for locating and fastening:

Bolts are only responsible for fastening after the collars locate:

Greg sent the OEM VW/Audi bolts to ARP for their tensile strength test to determine the factory shear load of these bolts. From there ARP designed an upgraded bolt with higher tensile strength that will still shear in accident. These bolts were designed and produced just for this TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Subframe Collar Kit.


Video Explanation:
Below is an excellent video of how subframe movement can affect the geometry of a car and respective suspension effectiveness. While this video is of a company that produces a rigid collar kit for import vehicles, it has a great visual explanation of how the TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Subframe Collar Kit can improve our vehicles. Also, from what I gather, the Spoon rigid collar kit locks and locates top of the subframe but not the bottom like the TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Subframe Collar Kit.

TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Subframe Collar Kit Unboxing:
Basically two kit are available, they both contain 954 grade billet bronze alloy collars for use at the top and bottom of the subframe mounting holes, then you have the option of the two ARP 8740 hot black oxide bolts or the two ARP stainless steel bolts as an upgrade option. The OEM Audi/VW bolts are aluminum where corrosion will play into account.

The two ARP bolts and bronze collars are installed at locations #3 and #4 in the Installation photos below thus replacing the OEM Audi/VW stretch bolts. Locations #1, #2, #5, #6 also get bronze collars and can re-use either the OEM VW or upgraded OEM Audi bolts. I would personally recommend purchasing 4 OEM Audi subframe bolts (Part # N-908-235-01) to replace the OEM VW bolts in locations #1, #2, #5 & #6. As you can see from the Comparison: photos below, here is what Tyrol and I found when comparing these bolts visually.

1) OEM VW bolt – Bent bolt shaft, galling or cut up threads
2) OEM Audi bolt ((Part # N-908-235-01) – Straight, no galling or cut up threads, still lower tensile strength and stretch
3) OEM ARP bolt (oxide or stainless steel) – Higher tensile strength, but will still shear when needed

For those of us that have taken the subframe down for sway bars, transmission upgrades, clutches or LSD’s, it’s typically recommended to replace the OEM Audi/VW stretch bolts each time you re-install the subframe. Greg assured me that these 2 ARP bolts can be reused and torqued to 52ft/lbs. Bolts #3 and #4 Installation photos below are the typical OEM Audi/VW stretch bolts that we are supposed to replace each time the subframe is dropped. With the ARP bolts there is no need to replace these as they can be re-used when servicing your vehicle.

1) Stock – Bent bolt shaft, galling or cut up threads
2) Audi – Straight, no galling or cut up threads, still lower tensile strength and stretch bolts in Installation photos below
3) ARP – Higher tensile strength, but will still shear



Overall Results and Recommendations:
The first thing I did was turn my steering wheels back and forth and to my long overdue amazement, the “clunking” was finally gone! I was sold and completely satisfied just for this sole reason alone. If you have this “clunking” and tried the other options, I can assure you, this one will work.

Could it get better? On the way home I immediately noticed that the car felt more connected. It’s hard to explain this sensation but it felt tighter and more rock solid. There was also a ever so slight decrease in NVH in the cabin (Autotech engine insert currently installed). Those moments when you cringe because you feel like your car is shaking apart over bumps and rough roads is no longer a concern. So far I’ve also noticed an easier time shifting which is REALLY nice with the short shifter, NLS shims, OEM DMF and South Bend Stage 3 Clutch Disk. Now I feel that my suspension components can work together most effectively as my subframe is locked into place.

Overall TyrolSport is a great shop, super friendly and clean. Not only are they a typical performance shop but they also put a lot of time and energy into research and product development to improve our cars in some big ways. I enjoyed the fact that their R&D came from racing their own shop cars on weekends when they are not at the shop. More updates to come as I change my suspension setup and look for their upcoming Deadset rear subframe kit!


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This is freaking awesome and very timely. I JUST put an order in yesterday for these bad boys!


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Eessentially, you've datumed the Subframe correctly to be concentric with the holes in the body. Simple enough, right? What'seven better is the shoulder on the "collar" portion helps keep the alignment while the bushing part on the body side helps keep subframe centered at ALL times. The fact they used ARP bolts and Bronze collars is high quality and definitely reliable. My Brake Bushings are holding up exceedingly well and I have no complaints.


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This is freaking awesome and very timely. I JUST put an order in yesterday for these bad boys!

You will find great value in it grambles, I can't wait for your feedback on the kit, make sure you torque 52 ft/lbs. Make sure you pick up the Audi bolts for the other locations (read review to see what I'm talking about).


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V2 brake bushings are coming out soon as well, they will have grease retention caps now, no more re-greasing.

Very nice! :thumbsup:


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Do you have more info on the rear subframe kit? Greg told me the availability (late December), but I'm wondering: does it also "clunk"? What made them realize they need to make the kit?


Ready to race! is listing the upgraded Audi bolt at $1.46. Does that seem awfully cheap to anyone?


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seems overpriced for some bushings imho


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seems overpriced for some bushings imho

TBH its the same with their caliper bushing. If you have the time to make it yourself then you probably don't need to buy this, but much like everything else of this nature, this just saves the trouble....

Also ARP bolts are pretty expensive in and of themselves also....


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nice write up ry.

i kept having to re-torque and eventually lost a subframe bolt until i installed this.


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HYDE, do you know if Tyrolsport will offer just the V2 caliper bolts for those of us who are running the V1 kit?

That is a great question, as of now I believe they are selling the entire kit.
I will ask Greg to come on and answer your question, or give them a ring.