Introducing the Panda Lux!!! Our new VW CC


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Thought I'd share pics of our new CC, they are crappy cellphone pics because this is the first tine the car has been out of the garage since buying her a week ago for my fiancé. She doesn't want to drive it until it gets tinted and clear bra'd which is happening right now:)

Vs my other projects, this CC is gonna remain pretty close to stock as it's perfect as is.

It's a 2010 Luxury model with the appearance and tech package.

However, it is getting tinted and clear bra'd right now, I'll change out all the interior and exterior lights to LED, HID fog conversion, prolly stage one software too.

I may get Koni Coilovers or may even air ride if I find out more about it and maybe 19 inch wheels... But again I have to remind myself that my fiancé wheel be driving this most of e time.

Here is a pic:

And here is our other cars:)

2010 4 door Ko4/ AWE/ GIAC powered GTI ( the Panda GTI)

And our Trail Teams FJ ( the Panda FJ)



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ohhh I am so hating... CC looks great man.
Happy Holidays Panda


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Very nice sir! You have a garage full of candy.