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100% go out the front if you can. I was able to get mine out the front no issue on just jack stands. I also didn't have to drop the subframe either. Pulling the front off isn't hard at all. Also it's way easier to just pull it out with the trans attached. I did it the other way and it probably added like 2 hours wrestling it off by myself. Also doesn't help I left the axles attached to the spindles and didn't remove the flanges from the transmission either


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How hard is it to take off the front assembly? Most I've ever done is grille, bumper cover, headlight, bumper guide, fender delete


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its easy - probably adds an hour to your total time to remove the entire front clip moving carefully. just double check any clips and hardare and dont force anything. i will say i end up buying front bumper guides every couple years because removing it and replacing warps the plastic out of shape. if you need to access things, its way easier to remove it all than lean over it imo. like smanierre said, especially if you're without a lift.


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SRS Tech fenders test fit. They work, they’re fiberglass so they need a little working to get them to match perfectly. But these ones need repainted, given the previous owner rattle canned them and never used it.

These white OEM fenders were pulled, rolled and repainted. They’re excellent for what they are. Just wanting more room for rubber.


SRS Tech painted UG - Gives about a half an inch or even more which is perfect. Having test fit, will send out to paint.


I need to get these re-made. I don't love these o-ring style clamps and would like some decent vbanded boost pipes. Also need to sort out whatever ewg i'm using.


Picture of my broken turbosmart DV - snapped the harness removing the motor. It definitely needs degreased but it worked perfectly when I had it with the k04. $150 to replace so I think that's getting tossed unless someone really wants it.

Tuned with this massive aftermarket throttle body I'm half convinced is snake oil. Tempted to remove but its already installed so we'll leave it for now. Will probably remove it though.
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