P2SPEC SEMA Collaboration Project - Press Release Announced 11/1/10!


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Finally, ARKYM has released their AeroRace ONE kit for SEMA and for those of you who are local to our shop - this answers the questions about a long-time SEMA collaboration project we've been honored to be a part of :).

In the last few days we've been super-busy with finishing up this project for SEMA week so I definitely apologize for any delayed responses - but the car turned out great!

Check out the full press release here:

Picture Preview:

Let us know what you think! I'll have SEMA coverage soon guys! :thumbup:


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I got to see this beast in person and it was BADASS. It sounds amazing and the engine bay looks awesome too. Just a clean look all around.

Now if I only owned an M3....

Keep us updated Ben, and you know what us guys are looking forward to. :D

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Ben the above picture dosent do that car justice. Great looking E90 and Im sure it's a blast to drive.


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So Ben when are you gonna release the pricing on the vanguard exhaust. Oops did I let the cat out the bag.

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That thing looks damn aggressive. :thumbsup:

If only I owned one...


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So when are we gettin started giving the PandaM3 the Arkym treatment?

I guess the rate limiting step would be me acquiring an e90 M3:)


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Haha thanks guys, and I checked out the dyno on this supercharged beast - about 500whp!


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So this is the M3 you were telling me about... love it! Good job Ben.


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California BMWs wreck face on all other BMWs. the CA BMW scene is easily the best.


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Sick body kit..!


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m3 looks great, now the gti :D