PRICE DROP: SoCal - 2012 GTI (Manual - Stage 1/Stage 2)


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2012 VW GTI (Mk6)

6 Speed Manual transmission

Currently 134,xxx miles


Heavily, but tastefully, modified West-Coast kept Mk6 GTI.
Stage 1/Stage 2 build - suspension, transmission, tune, drivetrain, linkage, sound system, billet/poly/stainless everything - this was built to be an autocross car but the build slowed before it became too uncomfortable to daily.

I have owned this car for the last 4 years, and I bought it from a close friend and fellow enthusiast that bought it stock at 50,000 miles. This is a very sorted GTI and has been seriously babied, with only a few spirited days on canyon roads around LA. AND it comes with a binder of receipts of services.

Major recent services:

Timing chain / guides (ECS kit)
Cleaned intake valves
Replaced OEM intake manifold
Replaced OEM Radiator, water pump (aluminum), and overflow bottle
Replaced clutch and flywheel (ECS stage 2 clutch and lightened flywheel)
Replaced rear main seal (billet aluminum)
Replaced Fuel injector seals
Replaced high and low pressure fuel pumps
Oil changed every 3,000 mi. with 5-40 Castrol Full Synthetic



  • Integrated Engineering Intake system
  • Integrated Engineering Stage 1 tune (91 octane)
  • Integrated Engineering oil catch can
  • ECS turbo muffler delete with silicone turbo inlet
  • ECS stage 2 clutch and lightened flywheel
  • Diesel Geeks Sigma 6 Short Shifter
  • GFB DV+ with newest rev diverter core
  • 034 Motorsports billet upper/lower dog bone inserts
  • Urotuning street density motor and trans mounts
  • R8 redtop coils with NGK spark plugs
  • Clutch pedal upgrade kit
  • Billet clutch bleeder block
  • Stainless steel clutch line
  • OEM exhaust with resonator delete


  • Koni 1150 Adjustable Coilovers
  • ECS Front adjustable sway bar end links
  • ECS subframe collar and hardware kit
  • Audi TTRS strut top mounts
  • SPM solid rear sway bar with teflon bushings
  • Powerflex Street Series control arm bushings (1 degree caster)


  • JVC touchscreen head unit with Apple CarPlay
  • Integrated OEM style USB
  • 6.5” Coaxial speakers (front and rear)
  • LED interior lighting kit


  • Sparco Pro Corsa 18x8.5 (48mm offset)
  • Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 245/40r18

  • Front bumper was just replaced/repainted with OEM cover, painted lower insert, and painted side markers
  • Supernova Sequential LED taillights
  • Weathertech rain visors
  • Comes with a set of roof crossbars
  • It passed CA smog a couple of weeks ago, but also comes with a “Smog kit” which is the stock intake and PCV system

NOTE: there is a "click" that occasionally comes from the front suspension, usually when turning lock to lock while standing still. It comes from the bolts for Powerflex control arms being a hair too large for their mount.The sound would go away if you went back to OEM bushings, but the benefit of the poly bushings outweighed the occasional noise, once I knew what it was. It sounds a lot like a "subframe tick," but the subframe has been searched extensively (outside of the vehicle) and does not have any cracks, aaaand has a collar kit keeping it in place.
AND it currently doesn't have a front lip. I had an ECS carbon fiber splitter that I kept scraping on driveways, so when the new bumper was installed, I had them leave it off and I like having the height back. If you want to put something there, all original holes/mounting locations are in place.

This car is a BLAST. It truly rides on rails but is just as comfortable on a long roadtrip. If you want something refined but not invasive, this car has really checked that box for me.

Asking $10,800

Located in West Los Angeles. If you’re local, come see it! If not, I can send any other photos/videos you need.


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Price adjusted in original listing. More market research gave me a better idea of what these are seller for at the moment (which is all over the place, let me tell ya)

PRICE: $12,300


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Dropping the price! I've got another project coming in, so I'd like to clear up some parking space a little sooner than expected.

NOW ASKING: $10,800 for forum members