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Okay, I think I am going to do something crazy as I got bored of the 2.0T and it’s problems at least for now.

I am looking for Passat or Superb R36 mechanical system with quattro, most probably I will convert the car to R36 but I will have a serious issue with the Passat ECU SW as it won’t work with the Rocco ABS and braking system as the Passat ABS and hand brake is electrical!
So I will have to go for Superb system and ECU but it’s 260HP while the Passat is 300HP.
As far as I read the differences are in SW so once you installed Supercharger or Turbocharger both will be equals, not sure if it true!

Anyway, this is the way forward for now if I couldn’t find a good CDL engine with good price.

All ideas and thoughts are more than welcome.

Well this just got even more interesting!

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Any idea why this happens to the headlights?!



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Are you missing one of the rubber covers off the back? Otherwise maybe you have a crack.
There’s clearly moisture getting inside the housing.


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Okay, here are few updates;

I started to work on the Quattro project...

Preparing for the AWD.

Open the second hole for the tank.

Covering the welding.

Close to finish.

Haldex installed and coded [emoji1360]

Then as all projects you should have a problem that complicate it [emoji116] [emoji57]

ABS error;

I checked similar project who had the same issue, but he changed the cluster from Scirocco and replaced by Golf R one.
Here is his comment[emoji116]
“However, the conversation gradually drew the attention to the fact that the ABS control device is so "crooked" that it listens the vehicle model / type code sent from the CAN bus to the instrument panel and does not encode the conflicting type code itself. That is, when the instrument panel claims a car to Scirocco, the ABS control device does not allow it to encode itself to Golf. And Scirocco can't be a four-wheel drive. On the instrument panel, that type is "hard-coded", but it cannot be changed by VCDS.”

I believe if the Scirocco instrument cluster changed from FWD to AWD then the ABS fault will disappear. I don’t know how yet but hopefully will figure it out, all support are more than welcome :)

Stay tuned, more is coming [emoji6]


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Awesome build!!

I had KW’s on my Civic and they were amazing quality. The INOX coating that they use is really amazing with how well it resists corrosion. I bought them used, daily drove them through 2 winters and they looked hardly used when I washed them off to sell them. Koni makes a great suspension too so can’t go wrong with either in my opinion.