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Started the TurboZentrum EFR7163 kit and parts installation process;

Say bye bye to GTX2867R & VF Engineering high flow manifold...



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Here are the updates;
Installed the TurboZentrum EFR7163 kit after few modifications!

The kit didn’t fit directly because of the 1.5bar wastegate, so I had to remove the wastegate bracket and increasing the wastegate bolts location by 3mm, then install the kit and tight the wastegate after that.

Removed the bracket from turbo by losing the 3 red bolts;

And from the wastegate from losing the 2 green bolts;

As you can see there is small space between the wastegate bolt and the circle which reflect the 3mm has been increased.

Also, I had to shave the banjo bolt cone with the kit in order to make it fit. It fits but with only 1mm far from the WG but not touching it, I will replace it by the OEM banjo bolt as it is smaller and will fit much better.

It was very hard to install the 3.5” custom intake inlet because of the space but I succeeded at the end. Wish if I listened to Eric and have the air intake inlet 2.5” or 3” maximum!

Installed the K04 3” DP, wrapped the TP;

Installed the Milltek exhaust, I love it [emoji7]

I checked the spark plugs (after 24h from installing it) and I found it black which means the car running very rich!

This is how it looks now after installing all parts.

Now, I have problem with the car while starting in the cold start or even during the normal day. The car took too much time in order to start and then the engine turned off! It works only if I press the acceleration paddle for one minute (doing the cold start manually).

The below parts are installed during the TurboZentrum EFR7163 kit installation:

- TurboZentrum EFR7163 kit
- RS4 injectors
- R20 intake camshaft
- IE manifold
- 3.5” custom air intake
- DM EFR7163 Revision file

Nothing more, nothing less and before that the car was starting quickly from the first key turn and very smooth with quite engine sound.

I did some VCDS checks and here the results:

The variation in fuel rail is very strange!
I even returned back the previous GTX file which was calibrated for S3 injectors and GTI camshaft and the fuel rail variation is still the same!!

What do you think?
All ideas are welcome!


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While I still have same issue of not starting engine quickly and it took long time to start with UN stable startup, I received the R20 AWD differential and subframe and all necessary rear stuff. I already got the R20 gearbox, fuel tank from few months and it was waiting for the rest of AWD parts!
Once I fixed the engine mechanical or tuning issue I will plan for the AWD conversion.



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I just solved the engine startup issue today but I didn’t drive the car yet, I just flashed a new DM file and the engine started normally. I will post the video soon because the Tapatalk doesn’t allow video posting anymore.
I will complete the wastegate adaptation and MBC installation then I will start do data logging in order to complete the pump gas tuning. After the car runs probably I will install the Aquamist WMI system and start working on it and tuning the car accordingly.

Most probably the AWD conversion will start on May 2018 if everything run smoothly.


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Engine startup after DM fix file

Morning Guys,

Below the initial startup video (10-FEB) after flashing the DM fix SW;
Initial startup after DM fix file

This is the second day try (11-FEB), and I drove the car yesterday for few minutes, and it was okay.

This is from today early startup (12-FEB), and the engine shutdown after few seconds as before but the engine didn't take long to startup, and there are no engine faults in VCDS!
I had to keep pressing the acceleration paddle increasing the RPM above 1000rpm for a while then it works.
I communicated it to Bronson and see what he will say.

Also, the exhaust temperature is going high quickly and stayed in high temp more than previous file. I guess this should be fixed after doing the data-logging and start tuning the car accordingly.


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CRAZY Thoughts

I am thinking to do a CRAZY thing.
As you know I bought the Golf R AWD system and I am planning to install it this month (hopefully), I am thinking why I can't use the benefits of the AWD to go for more power!

What about having GTX3076R Gen2 or GTX3576R Gen2!

I read an articles about how the GTX3076R specs is mis-matches! I am thinking to go for PagParts kit with GTX3576R Gen2 V-Band, 0.83 AR, V-Band Ni-Resist.

I know that the fueling is the big concern but what about going for dynodrome fueling parts.

Stage 2 tfsi injectors (700 + hp)

Rail valve 175 bar

All thoughts are most welcome.


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Okay, just new update, the engine is broken!

Car was working perfectly till 3 weeks ago, then the oil consumption become strange, the engine lost one litter up sudden then I add it!

Last week I was going the data logging on 4th gear and during the first log I found a huge black smoke from the exhaust in the back of the car and heard a strange sound in the engine and the car stopped after 300m and that’s it!

As you can see from the pics, the piston in second cylinder is missing! And the block itself is scratched. Moreover the valves are not okay too!

I will check and inspect the turbo to make sure nothing happened to it too!

Honestly I didn’t expect that the engine is damaged because everything inside it is new and forged!!

I don’t know what I will do now because my brain is out of service for the time being.


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Okay, I think I am going to do something crazy as I got bored of the 2.0T and it’s problems at least for now.

I am looking for Passat or Superb R36 mechanical system with quattro, most probably I will convert the car to R36 but I will have a serious issue with the Passat ECU SW as it won’t work with the Rocco ABS and braking system as the Passat ABS and hand brake is electrical!
So I will have to go for Superb system and ECU but it’s 260HP while the Passat is 300HP.
As far as I read the differences are in SW so once you installed Supercharger or Turbocharger both will be equals, not sure if it true!

Anyway, this is the way forward for now if I couldn’t find a good CDL engine with good price.

All ideas and thoughts are more than welcome.