SKorea808's Stage 3 GTI powered by / Revo Technik


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SKorea808's Revo Stage 3 K04 GTI - Powered by

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January 2013 is when my build officially began.

Powered by / Revo Performance SouthGermany

● CTS Turbo K04 Conversion
● GFB DV+ Diverter Valve
● Unitronic Cold Air Intake
● Eurojet Intercooler
● SPM Custom Turbo-Back Exhaust
● 42 Draft Designs 4” Brushed Double Wall Exhaust Tips
● 034Motorsport Billet Aluminium Engine Mount (65A)
● 034Motorsport Billet Aluminium Transmission Mount (65A)
● 034Motorsport Billet Aluminium Dogbone Mount (Aurora Spherical Bearing)
● HPA Motorsports Core Interlock Lower Subframe Mount (90A)
● USP Motorsports Throttle Pipe
● USP Motorsports Turbo Outlet Pipe
● Audi R8 Ignition Coil Packs
● NGK Iridium Spark Plugs (BKR8EIX)

Engine/Transmission Software:
● Revo Stage 3 K04 Software
● Unitronic Stage 2 DSG Software

● H&R RSS Clubsport Coilovers
● H&R 28mm FSB
● H&R 24mm RSB
● Unibrace XB
● Unibrace UB
● Unibrace RB
● 034 Motorsport Track Density Strut Mounts
● TyrolSport Front Deadset Rigid Collar
● TyrolSport Rear Deadset Rigid Collar
● Advanti Racing HY Hybris 18x8 / 20.25lbs (Silver Machined w/Clearcoat)
● Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R 225/40R18 / 23lbs (Extreme Performance Summer)

● Audi TT RS 4 Piston Brembo Calipers
● Audi TT RS 2-Piece Drilled Rotors (370x32mm)
● Carbotech XP12 Pads (Front)
● Carbotech XP8 Pads (Rear)
● StopTech Drilled Rotors (272x10mm)
● StopTech STR-600 Brake Fluid
● ECS Tuning SS Brake Lines

● Maniacs DSG Paddle Extensions
● NewSouth Performance Boost Gauge
● European LED Taillights (Dark Cherry)
● European Front Lip (Gloss Black)
● Custom Painted Side Skirts (Gloss Black)
● Custom Painted Rear Valance (Gloss Black)
● Custom Painted Front & Rear VW Emblems (Gloss Black)
● Custom Painted Front GTI Grill Emblem (Gloss Black/Chrome)
● MK5 .:R32 Belly Pan
● Rear Seat Delete
● Spare Tire Delete
● Fog Light Delete
● Rear GTI Emblem Delete


Revo Stage 3 K04 GTI - Cold Start

Revo Stage 3 K04 GTI - Idling

Revo Stage 3 K04 GTI - Rev Limiter + DSG (German Autobahn)

Revo Stage 3 K04 GTI - German Autobahn Run (33mph - 160mph)
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Ready to race!
Sick! Maybe tint to finalize the aggressive look?

Shadow blue


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Nicely balanced GTI.:thumbsup:


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A very sweet ride. Isn't the BHP gains a bit low for a 93Octane tune?


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A very sweet ride. Isn't the BHP gains a bit low for a 93Octane tune?

Possibly, I havent viewed enough Stage 2 dynos to really compare since everyone's setups and conditions are always different. I will say that during the dyno I didnt have Spulen Throttle & Turbo Outlet Boost Pipes, just stock. My exhaust and intake has changed from then as well, during the dyno I had a Eurojet Downpipe + Billy Boat CBE with a Revo Technik Intake. Now I have a custom SPM Track Edition TBE with Unitronic's Cold Air Intake.


Ready to race!
Just ordered NewSouth Performance Boost Gauge from ECS Tuning, can't wait till it comes in :thumbup:

R8 Coils/NGK Plugs already came in, as did the Spulen Throttle & Turbo Outlet Boost Pipes & GFB DV+. I'll post pictures soon.

CTS K04 Kit should arrive next week! Super Excited! :wub:


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Where in Germany are you stationed? I'm over at ramstein.

I've been driving out to Luxemburg for a garage there for work, but if the place you go to is closer I may check it out.

Just ordered my K04 too :) But I have to wait till April when I get back to Germany :/