Sold GTI. Help me pick next car.


Ready to race!
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Ready to race!
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Been doing some research on the new A4 (B8). They are having major issues with eating a quart every 1,000 miles?? Audi is tearing down engines under warranty and replacing piston rings?

Even more problems with the '09 A4's (first year for the B8's)

For 2010 Audi put a completely different tranny in the car, and I think added some horses too.

So now I understand why '09's are going way cheaper than the '10's....even though they are both B8's

There were no mechanical changes to the B8 A4 from 2009 to 2010. The only change that has happened so far is that for 2012 MY they put an 8-speed Auto in the A4. Makes it quicker and gets better mileage.

They did drop the 3.2 V6 option early on in the B8 generation but the 2.0TFSI is better in that car anyways.

Both C&D and MT have run 5.6-5.8 0-60 runs with a 2012 A4 8-speed Auto. Just a HAIR slower than the 100hp+ MORE powerful G37xS. The 2009-2011 6-Speed Tiptronic models run low 6's. The AWD G37 is high 5's. Not a huge difference.

That being said, go with the Audi. Get a Premium Plus or Prestige so you can get the xenons/led's, dual zone climate control (single-zone on the Premium trim) and other various options. Look for one with the 18" sports package so you can get the 18" wheels, sport seats, sport steering wheel, and sport suspension. EASILY worth the upgrade.

Leave the G for someone else. Not a bad car but not a great one either. The extra power doesn't net a lot more performance and isn't worth the piss poor gas mileage. And the build/material quality of the Audi is much better as well...

This could be fun...
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