Southeast VCDS/VAGCOM Locator Thread


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Ive just recently purchased one, I'm using the free version as of right now. I love in Grant, Fl(right next to Melbourne/Palm Bay area) in Brevard county. Im willing to go pretty much anywhere within reason, ill drive to orlando, south to Jupiter area, north brevard county, maybe to tampa. Fee... maybe some grub, thats about it. Let me know!


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Tampa the wed night GCE meets and monthly best buy meets, depends if I go or not, would prefer to be messaged ahead of time.


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Southside, Jacksonville FL. Not really willing to travel but if you come out the the Jaxdubs meet I will be more than happy to plug'er in.


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Have a vag-com in central ky. Will travel to about anywhere in state and southern Indiana. No fees but will accept tips or beer.


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Southside of Atlanta --- have the MICRO-CAN cable-- you come to me (or one of our 2x monthly meets in Peachtree City) ---- $10.00.


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Micro Can cable.

South side atl and north side at times.

Come to me I'll do for free *tips appreciated* or I can come meet you and do it for a 20.


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you guys don't check the other threads here?

There's two of us that I know of that code. I'm in Miami, the other member is in Broward.


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Need vagcom in SC

Looking for someone to do a couple vagcom tweaks for me:
Code led tails
Remote Windows
Cluster Staging
Im in Columbia, SC but am willing to travel a reasonable distance
can pay in cash or beer. thanks


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I'm looking for some assistance with a couple items. I'm in the Central FL area, and would like to know if any VCDS guys are around and could help a fella out? PM me if you can help, and what it will take. Thanks