Supertech Springs and Retainers - Rocker Arm Fit?


Passed Driver's Ed
I have a 2013 CC CBFA with a K04 and IE K04 file. The car has weak valve springs confirmed by a visual inspection of exhaust springs and datalog showing MAF g/s decrease and boost increase at 6,000 RPM (unusual compared to normal logs - I can post if anyone's interested).

I ordered Supertech SPRK-A2416-N2 for my TSI and am hearing mixed things on fitment with newer style rocker arms.
Some folks said they have to grind the rocker arm tabs on the new style, or switch to the "older" style (pre-2012). I asked Supertech directly about this and they said this issue was resolved with a design change on the N2 version of the springs....but a guy in the MK6 Big Turbo FB group posted about having issues with valvetrain noise after installing these springs and thinks it's the rocker issue.

Should I play it safe and try to secure the earlier style rocker arms, or listen to Supertech engineering and install them as-is?