timing chain settlement for Canada


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Did anyone receive a letter for this? Fortunately I had no failures, but I just changed mine since I was pushing over 90K and I did not want to run into further risks.
I'm wondering if we can still get reimbursement for people who paid out of our own pocket to replace theirs.


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Who has a copy of this letter?
I’m very interested in this.
My 2011 has 75,000 km on its original parts.


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I have a copy - they just sent it to me yesterday to my surprise. You can already visit the cdn website -
It sounds like there's a court date set for Feb 10 to see if this gets approved for ontario. Until then we just have to wait and see....


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We have a 2009 Tiguan but have not received a letter. I contacted the website and they responded by phone, they couldn't find my VIN number but was instructed to signup on the website after the approval in February.