torga's Daily Build - black, 6mt, two-door shenanigans


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This first comment will be a continuously updated mod list for cataloging purposes.
Recent Photo, as of Oct, 2021.
  • TUNE: GIAC Stage 2
  • APR cast downpipe
  • APR catback exhaust
  • APR ignition coils
  • ARM Motorsports front mount intercooler
  • BFI Stage 1 engine/trans mounts
  • ECS catch can
  • Fluidampr crank pulley
  • Go Fast Bits DV+
  • Graf cast aluminum water pump
  • Integrated Engineering Intake
  • Neuspeed Hi-Flo turbo discharge pipe
  • Neuspeed Hi-Flo air charge pipe
  • Spulen coolant lines (front position)
  • Torque Solutions boost tap
  • Vibrant O2 spacer, J-style

  • 034Motorsport billet pendulum mount inserts (upper/lower)
  • APR Pendulum Mount
  • Dieselgeek Sigma 6 short shift kit
  • Dieselgeek first gear getter
  • Dieselgeek shifter shaft bushings
  • iAbed Billet RMS
  • Integrated Engineering solid shift bracket bushings
  • OEM Aluminum TOB (0A5141671P)
  • RSR Clutch Kit
  • Spulen Clutch Bleeder Block
  • USP Motorsports Stainless Clutch Line

  • 034Motorsport front strut mounts
  • ECS HD rear shock mounts
  • H&R 24mm ARB (rear)
  • KW V3 coilovers
  • König Ampliform, 18x8.5 ET43
  • Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 4 - 235/40
  • OEM Passat aluminum control arms
  • OEM TT-RS LCA bracket bushings
  • SuperPro adj. endlinks (front/rear)
  • SuperPro 70A LCA bushings (front pos.)
  • SuperPro roll center adjusting ball joints
  • Tyrolsport subframe collar kit

  • ECS hatch spoiler extension (V2)
  • Forge windshield washer reservoir neck
  • Klii Motorwerkes rear badge inlay, color-matched to Deep Black Pearl
  • OEM Black Caps (Oil, Coolant, Washer)
  • OEM Euro chin spoiler
  • OEM Low-Line upper grille
  • OEM R20 LED tail lights
  • OEM R32 undertray
  • Osram LEDriving Xenarc headlights
  • US Millworks tow hook plate frame

  • Agency Power weighted shift knob (455g)
  • Burger Motorsports clutch pedal stop
  • eBay GTI seat handle inserts
  • NewSouth Redline boost gauge
  • OEM Euro switch
  • OEM Mk7.5 GTI steering wheel
  • OEM MDI removal & replace with DIN pocket
  • OEM RCD330+ head unit
  • Polar FIS+ (PF03)
  • Rennline phone mount

Parts Collected for Braking Upgrade
  • R32 front & rear calipers, StopTech high-carbon blanks, StopTech SS lines, StopTech 308 pads, Tyrolsport stiffening pins
Past Modifications
  • 42 Draft Designs Billet Cable-End Bushings || Beluga Racing Catback Exhaust || BFI GS2 shift knob (215g) || BSH Race Intake || ECS dogbone insert || ECS Short Shift Kit (front-to-back) || Helix Mk7.5 headlights || FK Streetline-X coilovers || GIAC Stage 1+ Tune || Nexen N'Fera AU7 tires || Rotiform RSE wheels
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I've been putting off posting a build thread for months!
I picked this up because I was tired of putting around in a slow, noisy rattling cage (1995 Toyota Celica), and felt I deserved something more comfortable.

Enter, the 2011 GTI.

I found a 2-door 6MT in town for a reasonable price. Somewhat high miles at 115k, but I'm confident in my mechanical abilities to save money on the maintenance front. It had a good amount of modifications done tastefully - most of which I would've wanted to do myself eventually - so that was a perk. It already had a set of Rotiform RSE wheels, FK Streetline coils, BSH motor mounts, GIAC Stage 1 tune, BSH CAI, GFB DV+, R8 coilpacks, ECS dogbone insert, ECS short shift kit, and a BFI GS2 shift knob. Body/paint were in solid shape, too. I bought it in mid-November of 2018. I don't have a ridiculous commute, so I haven't even put on 3k miles in about 6 months. Bonus, it's a desert car. So no rust anywhere!

Here's the first photo of her - the baseline.

I have a habit of choosing culturally appropriate names for cars, so I went with Sabine for this one.

Since then, I've installed a Beluga Racing catback, an ECS catch can, Neuspeed charge/discharge pipes, an RCD330+, black caps for washer and coolant, and a Klii Motorwerkes rear badge inlay.
Also since then, I've discovered an H&R 24mm rear ARB and a set of 42DD shift cable bushings that the previous owner forgot to mention!

Future plans involve going Stage 2 within the year and smoothing out some rough edges, like installing a pair adjustable endlinks (previous owner left the OEM pair on, despite lowering the car) and chasing a few interior rattles. I essentially want to buy and install every aftermarket part, but for now I feel pretty comfortable with the set of performance parts I've got (until I buy a DP). A set of Euro tails is in my very near future, though.

I'd also like to get a set of matching wheels/tires. The mismatch in width and flat/concave face only bothers me a bit, so I'll probably just wait until I need to replace tires to do this. I'll probably go with a square set of 18x9 ET35 Enkei RPF1 wheels.
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Just a few from my photo gallery. I need to get in the habit of taking photos more frequently.

The first snow.

Exhaust comparison during the Beluga install.

Tube diameter comparison during the Neuspeed install.

Fast and practical! Snare and cymbal bag were riding shotgun.

A wild glamour shot.
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I really liked NewGuy's idea for this log, so I'll be making my own. Significant maintenance and wear/tear replacements will be in bold.

- Intake Manifold warranty claim
- Heater Core Coupler
- Upper Timing Cover Gasket all @ 115k
(this was all maintenance the previous owner agreed to have done for me to pay his asking price)

- BFI 6MT shift knob coin installed
- Bosch windshield wipers installed

- headliner replaced (original was sagging horribly - price negotiation point)

- BSH air filter installed

- intake manifold threw P2015 again and had to have the dealer replace it again (still under warranty)

- oil change (Liqui-Moly Leichtlauf 5W40 and Hengst filter)

- fog light bulb replaced (Nokya 2500K hyper yellows)
- DRL/high beam bulb replaced (off-brand 4300K bulb)

- transmission oil flush (OEM VW gear oil)
- Klii badge inlay installed
- fender well fog light covers installed

- low beam bulb replaced (Osram Cool Blue Intense)
- reverse light bulb replaced (same)
- license plate light bulb replaced (same)
- black washer fluid cap
- black coolant reservoir cap

- RCD330+ installed

- ECS catch can installed
- PCV replaced @ 116k
- Cabin Air Filter replaced (Mann FreciousPlus)

- OEM VW windshield replaced (insurance came through for this one - only $100)

- Beluga Racing catback installed

- Bosch alternator replaced @ 117k (this one was annoying as hell - one bolt made this a much longer job that it had to be) (pro-tip, use a ratcheting box end for the lower-right alt bolt and reach it from underneath the car... space is TIGHT between the A/C compressor and rad fans, but it can be done)

- Neuspeed charge pipe installed
- Neuspeed discharge pipe installed
- Intercooler O-Rings replaced
- Turbo Muffler O-Ring replaced

- Removed airbag warning labels from sun visors (really cleaned up the interior)

- Hatch latch replaced @ 118k

- Replica GTI grille replaced with OEM Low-Line grille.

- Performed the "Voodoo Reset" and I'm fairly sure this fixed my clutch chatter (on 1st) and overall throttle jerkiness at low speeds.

- Installed OEM Euro tail lights

- Installed OEM fuel filter with Mann filter @ 119k

- Changed oil with Liqui-Moly Leichtlauf and a Mann filter
- Hand waxed

- Installed Dieselgeek Sigma 6 SSK
- Installed Dieselgeek shifter shaft bushings
- Installed Integrated Engineering solid shift bushings

- Installed Fluidampr Crank Pulley
- Installed fresh, OEM accessory belt @ 121k

- Installed Dieselgeek First Gear Getter

- Installed APR Cast Downpipe

- Flashed GIAC Stage 2 tune

- Installed J-style O2 spacer (bye bye CEL)

- Installed Spulen coolant distribution pipes (replaces OEM P/N 1K0121070BD)

- Installed APR Catback Exhaust

- Installed APR Pendulum Mount and the upper/lower 034Motorsport Billet Dogbone Mounts

- Checked camshaft phase position angle (-2.58°)

- Changed oil with Liqui-Moly Leichtlauf and a Mann filter

- Installed Graf cast aluminum water pump, with new OEM thermostat and re-used OEM coolant temp sensor
- Installed Nissens oil cooler
- refreshed all associated o-rings and gaskets
- all @ 124k
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Looking great so far and in for the progress!!


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Looking great so far and in for the progress!!
Thank you, I'm looking forward to it!

Well, this morning my hatch latch randomly decided to die on me. So after work I stopped by the VW dealer and picked up a new unit. Took me all of 15 minutes or so to button it back up.

Then I opened up the old hatch latch to investigate and found the culprit; that little worm gear had sheared.
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I finally have the garage looking tidy after a hasty move-in.
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Looking Good.
How's that beluga catback working for ya?

That hatch failing is quite concerning.
Did it fail on you mid drive or during hatch opening/closing?
Thank you!
When I initially installed it, I was very underwhelmed since I came from de-resonated OEM exhaust. The sound difference was hardly noticeable and it felt like I spent all that money for new tips. But after a few months, I feel like the exhaust has opened up a bit more and the tone has deepened. It's a bit richer now. I'm excited to hear it change again once I install a DP.

As for the latch, luckily it failed one morning when I was about to go to work. Went out to the car and unlocked the hatch to toss something in. When I lifted the emblem, it made a crunching sound and just stayed open - wouldn't relatch. After opening up the old latch, I now know that the sound I heard was the latch motor's gear spinning freely and chattering on the gear for the worm gear section. Since the worm gear sheared, the motor was just free wheeling.


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Installed an OEM Golf Low-Line grille tonight. I'm not sure why, but I prefer the understated look of the Low-Line vs the High-Line.

It's not in the best shape; just a few small scratches that I'm going to try to repair. But the emblem is in perfect condition and I scored the whole thing for $40. Plus, it's already 75% there after a quick round of rubbing compound followed by polish.

Bonus Round: I found out the GTI grille on my car was a replica! Literally fell apart as I yanked it off. Signs of cheap injection molding and not a VAG P/N in sight.


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I painted my grille to hide the red stripes. Post some pics!
I have a spare oem grille if you ever decide to go that route.


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Ask and ye shall receive. Ona quick Harbor Freight run.
I planned on putting together the replica GTI grille as best as I can to black out the stripes and see how it looks. If I'm into it, I'll definitely drop you a line!


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Just to give you an idea, here is my grille with the top black and bottom silver, similar to the Mk7 R.