Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing


For The Opposition

Ukrainian Drone Strikes Cause 380,000 Bpd Drop in Russia’s Refining Rates (
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A retired US general was scathing about Russia's performance in Ukraine: 'Their navy sucks, their air force sucks' (
Putin Ally's Son Dies In 'Strange' Circumstances | Watch (
2 more suspicious deaths linked to Russia (
Estonia foils Russian special forces 'hybrid operation' inside NATO territory (
Lukashenko alleges a US-Poland plot to defame Belarus and Russia. Experts suggest possible provocation at border (
Russia aims to subdue Ukraine by 2024 amid rising speculations on 'life after Putin', reports Latvia's SAB (
Bulgaria delays delivery of 100 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine: Reason explained (
US to Announce ‘Major’ Sanctions Friday Over Navalny Death (
Major Military Support from Sweden to Ukraine Imminent (
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Estonian PM calls on other states to provide aid to Ukraine out of their warehouses (
Putin's Closest Ally Is Preparing For World War III | Watch (



Russian media reports suicide of pro-war blogger at odds with leading Russian propagandist ( awwww, geee….

Hungary's governing party says it's ready to approve Sweden's NATO accession on Monday (

NATO Must 'Wake Up' to Putin's Trap, Russia's Neighbor Warns (

Russia Suffers Major Chinese Blow (

Sweden's potent anti-submarine weapon Torpedo 47: A game-changer in Ukraine's stand-off with Russian fleet (

Putin's Closest Ally Alleges NATO Plot (

FT: French company Danone plans to sell Russian subsidiary to Kadyrov-linked businessman (

Russian troops make 20 attempts to break through Ukrainian defences on Marinka front (

Experts outline Russia’s strategic objective and goals in 2024 (

Syrskyi, Umerov discuss ammunition supplies with Pentagon chief (

US Payments to Russians for Embassy in Moscow 'Fuel Putin's War Machine' (

The Number of Ukrainians Viewing Poland as Friendly Declines (

Head of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence: Russia does not have the strength to capture Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts this year (

'Let it be surprise for Russia': Lithuanian MoD hints at new forms of Ukraine aid (

Russian DM Shoigu lies to Putin that Russia has re-established control of left bank of Dnipro River (

Putin's Possible Successor Warns Russia's Neighboring Nations Risk 'Chaos' Amid Escalating U.S. 'Aggravation' (

Russian citizen detained for glorifying war crimes in Irpin (

Russia Receives Massive Missile Stockpile from Iran (

Ukrainian intelligence responds to rumors of Iranian missiles transfer to Russia (

Ukrainian Himars kill 65 Russian soldiers lining up to greet commander (

Russia deploys 470,000 troops to captured Ukraine's land (

Putin Victory More Likely Than Ukraine's for 8 NATO Countries: Poll (

Russia conducting hybrid war against Moldova, PM says (

Immediate Assistance to Ukraine Possible After Congressional Approval of Aid (

Meet Himera: Ukraine's radio resistant to Russian jamming (

Anti-Ukraine rhetoric has saturated right-wing media. Now it is helping to deliver actual war victories to Putin (

Putin's power move in international politics is making world leaders wait (





Putin critic was ‘killed by single punch to the heart taught to KGB agents’ (

Russia is biggest security threat to NATO-hopeful Sweden, security service says (

Air Force says when Ukrainian pilots will complete F-16 training in US (

Canada considers sending decommissioned air-to-ground rockets to Ukraine (

Russian auction house sells $1 million painting 'stolen from Ukraine' (

'Discontent Is Growing' in Russia: Former Kremlin Speechwriter (

10 Suspected Russian Spies Detained in Estonia Operated on Putin's Orders, Officials Allege (

Canada to fund shipment of thousands of shells to Ukraine (

Russia Shores Up Defenses in Crimea Following Embarrassing Losses (

What we know about woman arrested in Russia after donating to Ukraine | Watch (

Western sanctions against Russia miscalculated their impact, some of them have benefited the Russian economy, says Sberbank (

Europe clearly now wants Vladimir Putin to win (

Rajan Menon: 'Putin has lost Ukraine' (

Putin left raging as Kremlin lashes out at Joe Biden for attack on Russian President (

Russian plane drops aerial bomb over Belgorod Oblast village, Russia — RU media (

New Zealand announces new aid package for Ukraine (

How you can tell propaganda from journalism − let’s look at Tucker Carlson’s visit to Russia (

Balkans a prime target for Russia's unconventional warfare tactics (

What the Pentagon has learned from two years of war in Ukraine (

Technical Glitch or Deliberate Fire? The Near-Miss of British Spy Plane and Russian Missile Over Black Sea (

Ukraine Map Show Russia's New 'Multi-Axis Offensive' (

Denmark signs security agreement with Ukraine (

Putin Gives Military 3 Weeks to Seize Entire Region of Ukraine: Kyiv (

Mother of Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny says she has seen his body (

Tension in the Black Sea: Russians threatened to shoot down French aircraft (

Poland says it finds solution for weapons and humanitarian aid to flow without delays to Ukraine (

Putin Ally Weighs In on Texas Independence (

Tucker Carlson’s Baffled Face Gets a Place in Russian Classrooms (

Ukraine says its air force is bigger now than when Russia's full-scale invasion began (

Stoltenberg: Ukraine Authorized to Target Russian Military with NATO-Supplied F-16s (



Zelenskyy praises 'heroic' soldiers in preview of Bret Baier's exclusive Fox News interview: 'no plan B' (

European Parliament committees approve 50 billion euros for Ukraine (

Russia sent hitmen to kill deserter in Spain: report (

After recent gains, Russia signals it could try to seize Kyiv again — saying the 'regime must fall' (

Putin’s top crony has crazy plans for US state to separate from country (

Putin critic Navalny’s mother says she has been shown his body – but won’t be blackmailed into secret burial (

Russia plans provocations in Western countries, Lithuanian MoD warns (

US ambassador to Russia meets with detained WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich | Watch (

Russia loses 1,160 soldiers, aircraft, 2 air defence systems in war against Ukraine over past day (

Russia May Annex Another European Country (

Ukraine Offers SpaceX the Perfect Solution to Stop Russian Use of Starlink (

Texas arrest, Colorado home linked to head of Russian bank (

Belarus Issues Ominous Warning to NATO (

Two years after the Ukraine invasion: Why Putin's victory is a mirage, says US think tank director (

European Commission unblocking $148B frozen funding to Poland (

Pentagon on when Ukraine will receive new batch of ATACMS missiles (

Russia's economy is so driven by the war in Ukraine that it cannot afford to either win or lose, economist says (

Orban approves defense deal with Stockholm for Sweden's NATO accession (

Hear what Germany’s top diplomat says she told Russia’s Foreign Minister ‘straight in his face’ | Watch (

It won’t end with Ukraine (

'Putin's Piggybank' Perpetrators Arrested in U.S. for Allegedly Helping Russia Leader Avoid Sanctions (

Czechs line up Canada, Denmark, others to fund ammunition supplies for Ukraine (

The Aftermath of Putin's Aggression - EU and NATO Could Crumble, Warns French Expert (



Opinion: Who is winning? Gen. Petraeus on Ukraine war, two years in (

Russian army draws recruits from poor Asian regions, causing surge in household bank deposits (

Soaring bank deposits in Russia’s poorest regions show where the Kremlin is recruiting its soldiers (

Hungary, Sweden sign fighter jet deal before NATO membership vote (

Putin says he gets why Biden called him 'crazy' (

Five maps show where the war in Ukraine stands after two years (

History proves that Putin can be defeated (

I Guard Our Border With Russia. They Use Migration Attacks (

Two years after Putin ordered a war on Ukraine, what’s changed in Russia? (

Elections, Zaluzhnyi, USA and path to peace: Zelenskyy's insights in interview with FOX News (

Netherlands to sign 10-year security pact with Ukraine (

Ukraine claims it downed another Russian early warning and control plane in a major blow to Moscow (

With Russian economy far from collapse, U.S. opts for tougher punishment (

Fact check: Russian fake news targeting Ukraine's Zelenskyy (

Switzerland to hold Ukraine peace conference 'by the summer' (

Spain prepares new military aid package for Ukraine, including ammunition (

Putin is using imprisoned ballerina as a 'cheap bargaining chip' (

Kremlin seeks clarity from Armenia after it freezes participation in Russian-led security bloc (

Patrick Turner: There is a clear path to stop and repel Putin and his legions (

Russian Support for War Collapses as Conflict Enters Third Year (

Warren Buffett's son Howard has given $500M to Ukraine — he warns the US is making a historic mistake by pulling its support (

Suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee Confirmed, Losses Appeal To IOC (

Putin Ally Vows Revenge on the West (

Putin’s “Mini-NATO” Faces Setback as Armenia Suspends Membership (

Guns or butter: hard choices await a mollycoddled West (



Russia's Top 5 Blunders in Two Years of Ukraine War (

Putin's closest confidant warns that the West is provoking global conflict (

Russian propaganda escalates, hints at potential invasion of Poland, fuelling regional tensions (

Rodents incapacitate millions in eco-friendly military equipment in Ukraine: the unforeseen problem ( Russian rats!

Eastern allies haven't abandoned hopes for NATO post (

The West tried to crush Russia’s economy. Why hasn’t it worked? (

LARRY KUDLOW: If the Biden admin had a backbone, they could inflict some serious financial damage on Putin (

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Zelenskyy blasts Tucker Carlson's fawning Putin interview (

U.S. Commander’s Startling Warning About Russia (

Putin poised to stake claim on Moldova's separatist region, signaling fresh challenge to the West (

‘Putin and his cronies are only people behaving like Nazis,’ Cameron says | Watch (

Western cowardice will doom Ukraine to total defeat (

How Russia Dodged Sanctions, in Seven Charts (

Are Western sanctions against Russia working?: ANALYSIS (

What Makes Russia’s Economy So Sanctions-Resistant? (

Satellite images appear to show expanding gravesites, reflecting the mounting death toll of the Russia-Ukraine war (

Poison politics and the true trigger point for Putin’s invasion | Watch (

These would be Putin's first targets in hypothetical World War 3, Russian politician speculates (

“Their navy sucks, their air force sucks, and they’ve lost half a million soldiers”: Retired US General’s Epic Takedown of Russia’s Capabilities in Ukraine (

NATO Countries Not Paying Their Fair Share (

Putin dealt crushing blow as energy grip over Europe gone for good (

The West is totally unprepared for the looming attack on its survival (

Polish diplomat crushes Russian ambassador's claims on Ukraine at UN Security Council (

Russia’s economy faces death by a thousand cuts (

Greece's PM on NATO, Navalny, and the wake-up call to Europe (

Zelensky Gives Rare Insight Into Ukraine's Death Toll (

Ukraine floats possibility of inviting Russia to peace summit (



Rishi Sunak Calls Frozen Russian Assets to be Seized, Handed to Ukraine (

Russians See Republicans as 'Tools,' Former CIA Director Warns (

Hungary Greenlights Sweden's NATO Membership, Ending Last Obstacle to Alliance Expansion (

Opinion: The ‘Cold War’ as we know it is a myth, yet its underlying conflict never ended (

Huge Explosion Seen in Southern Russia Speculated To Be At State-run Military Research Center (

Navalny’s death a sign of Putin’s weakness, Sullivan says (

Europe’s long peace is over. We must prepare for the coming wars (

Polish foreign minister to Speaker Johnson on Ukraine: ‘The credibility of your country is at stake’ (

Who was Vyacheslav Lebedev? Russian chief justice dies aged 81 days after meeting with Putin (

World Bank reveals new cost to rebuild Ukraine after the war (

On GPS: Poland’s FM: ‘We will not be a Russian colony again’ | Watch (

Ukrainian Security Service on explosions at Russian oil refineries: These are our legitimate targets (

Two years into war, Putin’s prospects aren’t as grand as they seem (

WSJ Opinion: The Future of Ukraine's War With Russia | Watch (

Vladimir Putin could target UK again with novichok-style attack, warns Grant Shapps (

Kamyshin: Ukraine's capabilities for 2024 are 6 times higher than 2023 (

Financial flows to Russia are drying up as global banks fear losing access to the US dollar, Treasury official says (

Russia Claims It Destroyed More Than Triple of Ukraine's Entire Air Force (

Alexei Navalny was about to be freed in prisoner swap, says colleague (

Comparing Russian, Ukrainian forces two years into war (

Treasury, State, Commerce impose hundreds of new sanctions on Russia (

The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02.2022 to 22.07.2023 | Міноборони (

NATO’s naval front line (

In NATO’s Newest Member, ‘Total Defense’ Includes Teens and Retirees (

Russian Billionaire Antipov Detained After Steel Plants Nationalized (



Russian magazine more popular than ever after Kremlin censorship of Navalny cover story (

Putin used Tucker Carlson, exposing America's vulnerability to information warfare (

Zelensky: Trump doesn’t understand ‘that Putin will never stop’ (

Sinister convoy of Russian mobile missile launchers on 250-mile journey to Moscow (

Elena Davlikanova: After 10 Years of War, Ukraine’s Allies Lack Critical Survival Instinct (

Russia Offered Indians Passports, Money for Military 'Support Roles' but Sent Men to Front Lines Instead (

Putin is about to open a sinister new front in his war on Europe (

Czech President outlines Putin's main goal in war against Ukraine following reelection (

Putin-Erdogan meeting delayed amid Russian ‘elections’ preparations – Peskov (

Russians not paying their frontline soldiers, robbing and looting of locals likely to rise – NRC (

Vladimir Putin wants to restore greater Russia: Mike Pompeo | Watch (

Russia may have just carried out its first direct action against the West (

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy arrives in Saudi Arabia to meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman | Watch (

South Korea: Pyongyang sent nearly 7 thousand ammunition containers to Russia (

Analysis-Macron's Ukraine troop talk shakes up NATO allies (

OSINT analysts identify Russian military unit responsible for shooting nine POWs near Bakhmut (

'We’ve Seen What Putin Is Capable of': British Official Warns Poisoning Attempts Possible Outside Russia (

Russian Region Will Be 'Neutralized' if Moscow Moves on NATO: Ambassador (

Opinion: The far right has replaced the old left as Russia’s propaganda tool (

The Countries Committing the Most Aid to Ukraine (

Russia Warns NATO It's Approaching a Red Line (

Russia says conflict with NATO ‘inevitable’ if West puts boots on ground in Ukraine (

Oleg Orlov: ‘Our Country Is Sinking Into Darkness’: Oleg Orlov’s Final Word in Court (

Putin needs to keep Russia in a 'permanent' state of war to stay in power, expert says (

Increased frequency of Russia executing Ukrainian POWs – Kyiv (

Russia forced to halt gasoline exports for six months as domestic supply chain crippled (

Nato would crush weak Russia and Putin knows it, says UK defence chief (

CIA builds 12 'secret spy bases' in Ukraine along Russian border becoming 'best source of information about Kremlin' (

Sweden will complete its ‘long farewell to neutrality’ with Nato accession (

Putin 'indoctrinating children' with toy missile launchers (

Putin's Party Headquarters Blown Up in Occupied Nova Kakhovka: Ukraine (

Sixth person charged with allegedly spying for Russia in UK (

Navalny lawyer reportedly arrested in Moscow (

Russia Forced to Cut Exports Amid Ukraine Strikes on Oil Hubs (

Anti-Putin activist is applauded by supporters while being led to jail (