Ukraine: WAR Huh - What Is It Good For Absorootly Nothing



Ukraine, Russia race to shield battle tanks from exploding drones (

Russia intensifies attacks around Kharkiv as Blinken says US weapons will make ‘real difference’ on frontline (

Putin makes ex-security council chief Kremlin aide (

Russian Federation reports losses on border with Ukraine (

Fires and Explosions Rock Sevastopol Following Missile Attack (

Sweden may consider sending troops to Ukraine, but under one condition - Minister of Defense (

Russia’s defence rejig: ‘Unfortunately for Ukraine, a very effective move’ (

Ukraine Counters Russian "Turtle Tanks" as U.S. and Czech Munitions Alter Frontline Dynamics (

Putin's forces amass more than half a million troops on front line as Ukraine warns they have run out of reserves (

Moldova announces agreement on partnership with EU in field of security and defense (

Russia Deploys Pacific Fleet's Elite Tanks to Ukraine, Suffers Heavy Losses (

Shakeup in Kremlin: Patrushev's New Role Surprises Russian Elite (

Russia's defense ministry is now helmed by an economist, showing Putin's 'nerds' are performing better than his 'jocks': analyst (

Vladimir Putin Is Promoting A Bonkers Conspiracy Theory About Earth Yet Again ( Zricky, is that you????

NATO Reinforces Ukraine's Defense with Deployment of F-16 Fighter Jets (

As Russian casualties surge, Kremlin's new defense minister says he wants 'minimal losses' (

Ukraine's Strategic Strike: US ATACMS Missiles Change Battlefield Dynamics Against Russia (

NATO should use its air defenses to shoot down Russian airstrikes on Ukraine, says former alliance chief (

Ukraine's Daring Nighttime Strike on Crimea: A New Phase in the War? (

Vladimir Putin keeps making the same mistake over and over (

The Misfits Russia Is Recruiting to Spy on the West (



Putin’s latest war toy has already been hit and obliterated by a missile (

NATO Ally Responds to Russia's Move to 'Adjust' Baltic Sea Border (

Putin’s Aspirations to Dominate the Baltic Sea Include Focus on Sweden’s Gotland (

Russia's Military Losses in Ukraine Raise Questions on NATO's Security Calculus (

Ukraine's special forces take out fourth Russian Buk missile system (

Fatal mistake: Russians leave tank hatch open and enemy storms in (

Momentum 'Clearly' Building for NATO Troops in Ukraine (

Russian tank column devastated by Ukrainian mines in shocking footage (

Putin Spokesman Says Russia Must Act Over Baltic Confrontation (

Purges in Russian Defense Ministry — what to expect (

Ukrainian Drone Strikes Target Russian Strategic Bomber Base Deep Inside Russia (

About 70% of EU citizens support Ukraine aid and sanctions against Moscow (

Estonia says Russia removed navigation buoys on border river (

Russia warns it will strike British targets 'in Ukraine and beyond' (

Poland Mulls Shooting Down Russian Missiles Over Ukraine (

Fourth Top Russian Defense Official Detained as Purge of Military Leadership Expands (

Kremlin Responds To Trump's Claim Putin Would Grant Him – And Only Him – A Particular Favour (

British intelligence names consequences of last Kalibr carrier elimination in Crimea (

Saint Javelin Became a Symbol for Ukrainian Resistance | Watch (

Ukraine War Maps Reveal Where Kyiv Has Recaptured Territory (

Russia Tests NATO With Bold Border Move: ISW (

Russian equipment losses are about to hit an unfathomable new number (



Defence Forces stop Russians on Kharkiv front, launch counter-offensive – Ukraine's General Staff (

ATACMS Obliterates Russian Air Defense System As It Desperately Tries To Defend Itself (

Russian President Signals Willingness To Ceasefire In Ukraine Conflict Amid Growing Frustration With Western Obstruction: Report (

Plane of Ukraine's former pro-Russian president arrives in Belarus, where Belarussian and Russian leaders meet – Belaruski Hajun (

‘Soviet-style purge’: Expert on Putin arresting military brass | Watch (

Worldwide Armageddon: Putin Warns ‘Anywhere’ Fair Game for Attack if Ukraine Fires British Weapons into Russia (

Pentagon unveils new Ukraine weapons package amid Russian offensive (

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Sends Stark Warning to Putin Over Ukraine War (

Kremlin Responds to Mobilization Rumors: Should Russians Brace for Another Wave? (

Serhii Kuzan: How Battlefield Motorcycles and ‘Turtle Tanks’ Expose the Weaknesses of Russia’s Army (

US warns Russia of total destruction if nukes are used in Ukraine — Polish FM (

Poland accuses Russia of ‘kinetic action’ inside NATO (

Unveiling the Purge: Russian Military Officials Arrested Amid Corruption Crackdown (

Putin says legitimacy of Ukraine's Zelenskiy is over (

Zelenskyy: Losses during Russia's breakthrough in Kharkiv Oblast are 8 to 1 in favour of Ukraine (

Putin Suffering 'Enormous Difficulties' Selling Russia's Gas: Analysis (

Interactive Map: Russia's Invasion of Ukraine (

Putin Ally Suggests Missile Strike on Iconic American Landmark (

Ukrainian forces seize Russia's top tank in breakthrough move (

Putin's plot to choke Europe backfires as he now 'cannot sell' huge stockpile of gas (

Putin Offers Ceasefire with Acknowledgement of Current Territorial Control, Yet Ukraine Holds Out for Full Withdrawal (

NATO to have 'drone wall' from Noway to Poland as first defence against Russia (

Western intelligence agencies suggest Ukraine will face "large territorial losses" this year (

Increased US Military Aid Raises Stakes in Ongoing Ukraine Conflict (



Opinion: Why Putin’s new ‘technocrat’ defense minister is destined to fail (

US Alarmed by Potential North Korea-Russia Alliance Boosting Nuclear Capabilities (

Russia needs ceasefire to prepare for future offensives in Ukraine – ISW (

NATO Countries Plan Drone Wall on Russian Border (

Baltic states, Poland, Finland, and Norway to create ‘unmanned wall’ for border security – LRT (

Zelenskyy: Putin either unhinged or had premeditated agreements on attacking Ukraine (

Russia Fires General Who Lined Up Troops Ahead of Deadly HIMARS Strike | Watch (

US Promises Retaliatory Strikes on Russian Forces if Nuclear Arms Used in Ukraine, Polish Official Claims (

NATO Chief Stoltenberg Advocates for Removing Limits on Ukraine’s Use of Western Arms Against Russia (

UCLA chancellor grilled on Capitol Hill over campus protests | Watch (

Putin's Russia: Back in the USSR? | Watch (

Momentum 'Clearly' Building For NATO Troops In Ukraine | Watch (

US officials say North Korea may be planning military action to create chaos ahead of US election, report says (

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Ukraine's Strategic Strikes on Crimea with U.S. Missiles Alter the Dynamics of War (

Biden's blunt words for Putin spark outrage in Russia (

Zelenskyy Suggests Putin May Have Had Prior Agreements Before Attacking Ukraine (

Ukraine Strikes Back: Kharkiv Region Sees Renewed Territorial Gains Amid Russian Offensive (

Large number of Russian experts enter N. Korea to help spy satellite launch efforts: source (

Estonia's Deliberation on Troop Deployment to Ukraine: A Strategic Shift Amid NATO Divisions (

Scholz reminisces about how Putin tried to persuade him that Ukraine "belongs" to Russia (



Polish official claims the US told Russia it would strike Russian targets in Ukraine if Putin used nuclear weapons (

Map shows Russia’s campaign of terror, sabotage and hacking across Europe (

Russian Army General Popov Kept in Pre-Trial Detention on Fraud Charges (

Russia's economy is so driven by the war in Ukraine that it cannot afford to either win or lose, economist says (

Bulgaria calls for expanding NATO's presence in Black Sea region and Balkans (

Baltic officials said they could send troops to Ukraine without waiting for NATO if Russia scores a breakthrough: report (

When killers like Putin and Xi hint at nuclear annihilation, take heed (

Ukraine Halts Russian Advance in Kharkiv and Prepares for Retaliatory Strike (

‘Putin’s patience snapped’: Insiders marvel at Russia’s military purge (

Vladimir Putin's chief propagandist warns 'nuclear war is inevitable' in latest chilling threat (

Russia's Military Resurgence: Swift Reconstitution Raises Alarm for NATO (

NYT: Russia steps up sabotage operations in Europe to undermine Ukraine aid, intelligence officials say (

Western Aid Stumbles and the High Stakes for Ukraine: Analyzing the On-Field Impact (

Ukraine's Strategic Strike on Russian Radar Amplifies Tensions in Intensified Conflict (

Zelenskyy responds to Putin's statements about negotiations: Dictators only don't lie when they are silent (

Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Kyiv's Strike on Nuclear Site Raises Alarm Amid Escalating Casualties (

Speculation Mounts of a New Putin Strategy (

Sweden backs Ukraine's right to hit Russian territory (

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Germany's Scholz, France's Macron urge reform on "mortal" Europe (

Attack on over-the-horizon radar in Russia: Satellite images show aftermath (

Scholz explained how Putin justified his decision before invading Ukraine (

Prime Minister of Italy on Stoltenberg's call to allow Ukraine to strike Russia (

Iran supplies Russia with latest high-precision aerial bombs for strikes on Ukraine - Bild (



Satellite images emerge showing consequences of Ukrainian Defence Intelligence's strikes on Russian radar 1,800 km from border (

Russia is producing shells 3 times faster than Ukraine's NATO allies, and for less: report (

World on brink as Putin's next three countries to invade revealed by Russian general (

Russia promises retaliation after Poland places restrictions on its diplomats for 'waging a hybrid war against the EU' (

Poland’s leading defense group angles for European tank project (

Setbacks for Russia: Kharkiv Offensive Fails with Major Losses (

Medvedev threats world war and the nuclear destruction of a NATO member (

Russia Claims NATO Is Planning Nuclear Strikes | Watch

'We have not delivered to Ukraine what we promised': NATO chief identifies cause of frontline problems (

Russia Flaunts Nuclear Weapons on State TV (

Russia Deploying Iranian Glide Bombs Against Ukraine (

EU foreign affairs official speaks of need for balance in question of Ukraine striking Russian territory (

Putin's attempts to disrupt Ukraine Peace Summit testify to his fear (

Russian strikes on Kharkiv push US to reconsider use of American weapons on Russian soil (

Macron Permits Ukraine to Use French Missiles to Strike Inside Russia (

Bad News For Putin: Momentum Builds For NATO Troops (

Russia recruits African mercenaries promising salary and citizenship (

Strategic Ploy or Diplomatic Opening? Putin Floats Ceasefire Amid Mounting Losses and Military Stalemate in Ukraine (