Wheel refinishing In portland?!?!


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A friend curbed my Detroit, any ideas on where I can take it to be fixed? or looked at to see if it is even worth fixing?


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I had to get my rim refinished and I used though I have the Laguna wheels. Cost was $140 and they came to my house. They did a good job as well as my wife killed the front driver side wheel. Almost 100% around the outer edge. I have pictures of it somewhere.


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Awesome, I just sent them an email with a picture.

Attached is a picture of my rim...


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I also used wheelkraft, he came to my house and refinished all my twists while I took a nap. It was fantastic. About $400 for the whole set I think.


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+1 more for WheelKraft
Brought in my Work Anhelos that i was tired of trying to finish, guys went above and beyond. Redrilled the barrels (Three-piece sent em drilled for M7 but mine use M8), assembled and sealed em beautifully, and to top it off, sourced valve stems that would fit the pass through style face, which was a pain in the ass cuz i went with step lips. Dude said he found em off some 80s Caddy.

Wasn't until later i realized I could've had em picked up, save me the commute to vancouver. Still

Cant recommend em enough.