Any Track Rats Still Active?


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I'd like to do a few events this summer. I was thinking a driver safety course at Road America, if I can find one. Maybe a few others in the Madison area.


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Nexen Sur4g tires are on closeout on tirerack. $400 for a full set. Not a trophy winning tire but it's decent and great if you're just looking for something to get on track with.


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Hope you guys are still going strong gang. This was the 4th day on my falken rt660 - they’ve held up pretty well so far. They definitely do not like heat as they start melting but overall they are a fast tire.



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Just got back from a weekend at Heartland Park, Saturday was raining and wet and the AWD loved it while all the 700HP muscle cars complained about not getting to use their slicks. Meanwhile my Pirelli PZ4s I bought for their wet performance delivered, driving through standing water in a corner and accelerating out with no slip or slide. Of course, the AWD probably helped too. LOL

Have to go through my video, had a few camera issues and didn't get footage of every session. Did capture an older Mustang sliding into the grass in front of me though. Also pretty sure I have footage of a Ferrari blowing past me, not ashamed at all. LOL
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Pics of the cracked rotors or it didn't happen!!! :)


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I like having faded calipers - like a badge of honor. Shows that the car is used in a proper and functional manner.


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All right track experts, what's my issue? LOL

Brand new Pirelli P Zero PZ4s, 1000 road miles and 2 track weekends on them and, well, they don't look good.


It's hard to see but the center tread is worn unevenly, in fact it is almost touching the wearbar!

I was getting pretty decent wear to the edge but not over on the first track weekend at Heartland Park, but this is after a weekend at Hallett Raceway and clearly shows it's not rolling to the edge (like that missing chunk of tread?)

I was checking my pressures after every session and pressures were consistent at 41-42 which is right around where the recommended street pressures should be (street cold for this tire size is 37psi, I set them to 33 cold at the track). But if I am not mistaken this shows the tires are over inflated?

Here is the left front