Any Track Rats Still Active?


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As promised, video of my best session (Session 4) at Ozark International Raceway (OIR) yesterday. It was so awesome to be one of the first drivers on this amazing new track. We all got special stickers and T-shirts to commemorate the event. :cool: 😁

They really have done an amazing thing with this track, it is simply incredible and the video does not do it justice. Put this one on your bucket list or better yet come out next year and just get it checked off, NASA Central is going there twice. I'll be honest, if I had to decide between going back to Laguna Seca or going to OIR........well, I don't know which I would chose for sure but I'll tell you it would be a hard choice.

We were under point-by passing rules all day because everyone was new to the track. It was funny, throughout the day I would pass a car you would THINK would be faster than a small VW hatchback (Corvette, Mustang, Camaro's) and many times the very next flag station would throw the passing flag at me thinking they were coming up on me instead LOL On the flip side I never saw a single passing flag thrown at cars that were holding me up which only happened a handful of times, people were generally good about giving points especially after a couple sessions and they started to recognize me.


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Some s2000 and BMW chasing action at Buttonwillow.

I definitely miss my Falken RT660’s - those were confidence giving tires.

Currently running on some Federal RS-PROs which feel kinda ehh but good enough given the cheap price.

My car is rubbing the fender like crazy due to heavy weight in the front and the fender liners are quite melted now after the track day.

Will be at laguna seca in January, but I think my car is due for an overhaul next year as my stock IHI turbo isn’t holding boost that well (likely wastegate issues) - will have to swap turbos some point next year (probably another used IHI with less abuse on it)


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Just an update on my Federal RS-PROs - they held up well for a cheap tire but didn’t take too kindly to my stock camber setup.


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Columbus. Surrounded by houses. High buy in. I am not nearly as excited anymore. I doubt it'll get built. If it does, I bet they have to do thing inane things that CA tracks have to do with the noise pipes etc.


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Just some recent footage because who doesn’t love mk6 content. We need more on here!


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I'm really hoping I get my car sorted and tuned before spring. Im itching to autox and track it