ARKYM Mk6 GTI Performance Carbon Fiber Hood


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I wonder if they did some tests on how much under hood heat was dispensed

doubtful... not sure how you would do that accurately. MAF through the compartment might be measurable though and be a good indicator of increased heat transfer/dissipation


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Weight savings? They're there and if I can get my hands on a scale I'll get the delta, but by first reaction if that hood shock can raise the thing by itself and quickly, gotta be careful raising it up :).
I'd recommend that you remove the strut that raises the hood. That way, over time the force on the one side doesn't deform the hood's shape.


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TOO much :S... if it were without that center opening it would have been a lot better IMO... OSIR's cf hood is the best cf hood out there..

There any pics of someone with the ORSIR cf hood? Looking at cf hoods and the pics I have seen don't look like they fit all that well. Looking for a regular fancy vents or whatever.


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Not a fan of that hood. Why doesn't someone make a hood with just one subtle reverse vent in the middle, like an old school j's racing hood for a civic? Simple and clean looking with a vent to actually pull heat from the intercooler and radiator...

edit: meant to say buddy club or cwest vented hood for ek civic...
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srs rice


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Haha you guys might want to see the thing in person before throwing in those opinions :). We may be seeing some painted versions soon!


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That looks soo good in white, wonder how it would look with some CF bits showing on a GTI with a hotter turbo addicted to meth:)