BT - AWD - DQ500 - MK6 GTI FS


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Not in a rush to sell but a great platform for someone looking to have a pretty wild setup, Looking to sell the whole car and all parts to one person. Have 2x kids a now and with working on the house, work and the kids, time to finish this project is limited.

Looking for 30k all in, may sound expensive but the lose is on me for sure. Time to figure this all out let alone the parts and labor.

It does need to be finished, currently not running, no fluids and needs to be ran through. My original plan was to gut and rewire with a PDU and use a Syvecs (you could use anyone that can do DI and 4 additional injectors, Motec etc.) as ECU control, I wasn't going to use the PNP as it would have been an entire new harness.

Some of it shown on my build thread -

Car: 2011 GTI Autobahn Mileage: 65k on body, 0 on Engine, 20k ish on Transmission and Drivetrian

Body -
• OEM Golf R bumper cover with quicklatch
• Fiberglass notchfilled hood with quicklatch
• Fiberglass +30 mm wider fenders
• Rear wiper delete
• Badgeless grill
• Rear wheel arches pulled
• Golf R side skirts • EDs dark LED reps
• 30mm fender flares (not installed)
• Fiberglass doors (not installed)
• Fiberglass hatch (not installed)
• Fiberglass sunroof delete plug (not installed)
• Fiberglass headlight covers/plugs (not installed)

Wheels and Tires -
• ENKEI TS6 18x8.5 x5 wheels 3x have some rash but are still all good to drive on.
• OEM Audi 15s with 17mm spacers, to fit slicks.
• Stud conversion
• Tires are Bridgestone RE71r 255s

Suspension and Brakes -
• 300mm wilwood front brakes 2pc rotors ultralight
• 300mm wilwood rear brakes 2pc rotors ultralight
• Piston sizing on Brakes are to match oem distribution, no parking brake.
• Golf R ABS module
• Aluminum front knuckles
• Aluminum stub axles
• Aluminum control arms
• Aluminum Rear subframe modified to fit gen4 Haldex and enlarged welds for stiffness
• Hotchkiss F+R Golf R sway bars
• Eibach street coilovers
• Eibach 800lb rear springs installed will come with 400lb as well
• FFE Custom Delrin subframe mounts
• Every powerflex poly suspension bushing black series where available
• Powerflex antilift font control arm bushing kit

Interior -
• Dynaudio - no radio
• Kessy
• Corbrau seats with sliders
• Cheapo paddle extensions
• No rear seats
• BfI shift knob
• AEM Fuel pressure gauge
• AEM Wideband
• AEM Boost Gauge
• Shirc labs Boost Control
• LED interior lights

Engine -
• Fresh 0 miles FFE Race Engine - FFE x beam rods - FFE spec JE 10:1 pistons - FFE 12mm head studs conversion - Full Farrea Valvetrain - OEM timing components, gen 3 guides - Billet Aluminum oil pan - Welded Filled divider slots on intake side - Ported and Polished ports - Custom cams (get past the 6500rpm drop-off) (massive flow improvement ran out of fuel 8-10psi lower, this was before porting) - Copper O-Ring block
• Iabed oil cooler delete w/improved racing tstat and external cooler
• Iabed rear main seal
• Fluidamper
• Aluminum water pump w/ hepu pump and 16an return and discharge
• A/C delete
• Heat delete (currently easy reversed)
• BSH Engine and trans mounts w/ FFE Delrin inserts
• HPA 90a puck mount
• FFE custom header support and crash bar
• Aluminum radiator
• Custom FFE catch can and modified Iabed PCV plate, 2x 10an breathers VTA.
• Fresh Set Unitronic DI injectors
• Bosch Racing HPFP w/ extra hpfp line
• 6an Hardline feed to HPFP
• TTRS In tank pump and controller
• Full e85 conversion, 8an ptfe feed and 6an return, radium filters, radium regulator and absorber, Fuel lab 900+hp on e85 brushless inline pump (all not installed)
• Custom wire harness with milspec connectors, tucked and provisions for extra sensors and injectors.
• 75mm throttle body
• Currently tuned by Unitronic pre-engine build will need a custom tune or standalone
• FFE racing twin scroll T4 turbokit
• Twin Tial MVS waste gates recirculating
• FFE racing Custom intercooler 1000hp+ with custom piping serrated ends, full 3in TB inlet off of IC
• PTE Gen2 6062 installed and ready for larger
• Hot Parts Swain Tech coated
• FFE racing 3.5" Titanium "straight" exhaust, insane how light it is
• Billet intake manifold • ID1050X injectors
• Oil filter relocation

Drivetrain -
• AWD conversion
• Gen 4 Haldex with UM tune
• DQ500 transmission, gas gearing, Unitronic tuned 2 stage LC with Boost
• Pumped external dsg cooler with tstat control
• Oem cooler plate delete/ bypass
• Aluminum dsg filter housing
• Brand new wavetrac LSD for dq500 (not installed)