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TL;DR: selling every single piece of my fully stock parts car

Hey guys! I'm parting out my spare GTI. I bought it for the engine to replace my blown motor. I've pulled the parts I needed and this is what's left. I'm accepting most reasonable offers, so don't be afraid to make one.

Below are a few lists. I'm willing to sell stuff as small as T20 hardware; if I can ship it I'll sell it.

Abbreviated list of popular parts I have:
(It's probable that even if you don't see the part you're looking for, I still have it. Check the second list (sold/damaged parts), then PM me or leave a reply.
If a part is denoted with "*" and italicized that means it is damaged. Please see the section labeled "Parts that are damaged" for a description of the damage.
If a part says "Pickup Only," I'm still willing to ship, but I'll charge more because of the extra precautions to ship. These items may also need to be sent by freight.
If anything breaks in shipping, please tell me ASAP.

  • Miscellaneous:
    • Original GTI Owner's Manual with leather pouch
  • Engine/drivetrain:
    • DSG transmission - Pickup Only
    • ECU - 2011 DSG
    • Intercooler
    • AC Condenser
    • Axle-back exhaust x2
    • * CBFA airbox and full intake system
    • Intake manifold
    • Four fuel injectors
    • Engine mount x2
    • Transmission mount x2
    • Pendulum mount x2
  • Body/lights/wheels:
    • * Four 18" Detroit wheels - Pickup Only
    • Front driver wheel liner
    • Front passenger wheel liner
    • Rear driver wheel liner
    • Rear passenger wheel liner
    • Shark fin antenna x2
    • Passenger fender
    • Passenger Fog light
    • Passenger headlight
    • Upper grill
    • Lower grill
    • * Hood - Pickup Only
    • * Hatch - Pickup Only
    • * Rear bumper cover
    • Driver side skid tray
    • Passenger side skid tray
    • Driver side skirt
    • Passenger side skirt
    • Rear bumper diffuser
    • Inner driver taillight
    • Outer driver taillight
    • Inner passenger taillight
    • Outer passenger taillight
    • Driver side door (special color (color-shift white), tinted window) - Pickup Only
    • Passenger side door (stock grey) - Pickup Only
    • Front wiper motor
    • Rear wiper motor
    • Drivers side window motor - motor only
    • Passenger side window motor - motor only
    • Driver side door latch assembly
    • Passenger side door latch assembly
    • Driver side door handle assembly
    • Passenger side door handle assembly
  • Brakes/steering/suspension/running gear:
    • Front brake calipers
    • Various brake rotors with varying wear (I'll sell these for $10 +shipping)
    • Various brake pads ($2+shipping)
    • Steering rack
    • Front subframe
    • Rear subframe
    • Passenger front LCA
    • Rear sway bar x2
    • All struts and springs
    • All running gear (steering knuckles, ball joints, tie rods, etc) - except those listed as damaged/sold in the section below
  • Glass (glass only)
    • Rear windshield - Pickup Only
    • Driver side glass - 2 door only - Pickup Only
    • Passenger side glass - 2 door only - Pickup Only
    • Driver quarter panel glass - 2 door only
    • Passenger quarter panel glass - 2 door only
  • Interior
    • Driver seat - Pickup Only
    • Passenger seat - Pickup Only
    • DSG steering wheel (no buttons)
    • Driver sun visor
    • Passenger sun visor
    • Head unit x2
    • Gauge cluster
    • Back seat seatback 2 seat split
    • Back seat seatback single seat
    • Back seat cushion - Pickup Only
    • Trunk carpeting
    • Trunk carpeting cover
    • Driver inner door panel
Parts that are sold/missing/used/etc:
This is not exhaustive so just because you don't see the part here doesn't mean I have it
  • Car was not equipped with a sunroof so no parts for that.
  • Hood prop
  • Driver fender
  • Front bumper
  • Manual transmission and any M/T related parts
  • Splash tray
  • Driver front LCA (unless you want a twisted one)
  • Driver front tie rod (unless you want a bent one)
  • Driver headlight
  • Tail light bulb covers
  • Air vent - driver side
  • Rear view mirror
  • Rear center vent cluster
  • Engine - sold (I may have certain accessories and parts)
  • Front sway bar
  • Driver axle
  • Engine and misc engine accessories
  • Passenger window trim (lower exterior)
  • Shifter base trim
  • Front LCA rear brackets (both)
  • Front impact bar
  • Front bumper foam
  • Rear bumper foam
  • Passenger door card
  • Headliner
  • Cabin carpeting
  • Driver's side outer footwell kick panel
  • Arm rest cover
  • Center stack piece that surrounds shifter
  • Fuel door actuator
  • DSG mecha unit
  • DSG flywheel
  • CBFA downpipe and midsection

Parts that are damaged (repairable):
  • Hood (bent at the front driver corner, but it seems, from my unprofessional opinion, repairable)
  • Hatch (small impact just under the latch. I didn't actually even notice it when I picked up the chassis and was opening it with ease. Should be no problem to fix)
  • Rear bumper - needs touch-ups/repaint
  • 18" Detroit rims (No visible cracks, dents, or bends, and all tires are fully inflated and have been since I bought it 2 months ago. Most have curb rash.)
  • Passenger dashboard airbag is deployed
  • Steering wheel airbag is deployed
  • Passenger side-view mirror is shattered and the light is cracked
  • CBFA airbox and full intake (small crack and hole)
  • Outer passenger taillight (crack in the plastic)
"Free" stuff (cost of shipping):
I'll part with any of this stuff for the cost of shipping. Most plastic pieces are in half or missing whole sections. I'll send pics
  • Throttle pipe
  • Front bumper
  • Splash tray
  • Driver front LCA


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is it only CBFA parts mostly ?


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How about the sunglasses holder?
Weird! I was in the car today pulling the shifter knob for someone and I saw the sunglasses holder and thought "Huh, should I list that? Nah not many people will be specifically looking for it..." 😂
Anyway, yeah, I'll sell it, with the rubber insert. How's $16? That's just for the holder and insert, not the frame.

I'll get some pics of it in the next hour
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Hm this is tempting since im in connecticut... how much for a cbfa motor and dsg trans picked up?


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It would depend on what parts you're looking for with it.With or without accessories? I'll have to inspect all them cause I want to double check I didn't break anything whilst uninstalling the motor.
I'm definitely down for negotiations on this, but I feel reasonable in asking $600 for DSG + mecha + dmf (55k miles, working) and $300 for the motor with full accessories (77k, DOA). I'll flex a little but otherwise I'm rebuilding it myself.
I might be overvaluing it, I'm not sure what they generally go for.
The engine, I believe, suffered from a tensioner failure. It gave a code Like "cam position failure" and "knock sensor" or something like those.
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Looking for the driver's side dash vent and the center console rear vent, if undamaged. Also would buy the rearview mirror off you if it's priced right.


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Looking for the driver's side dash vent and the center console rear vent, if undamaged. Also would buy the rearview mirror off you if it's priced right.
Just sold my driver's vent, but I have both the center vent and rvm, good condition. I'll take pics tomorrow. $35 each, $65 for both? Plus shipping (I'm good at packing don't worry)


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Let me know shipping to 98057 and I'll let you know.