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Let's Discuss Clutch Options (Disc, Pressure Plate, Flywheel) - Summary of discussion

Mr. Squiggles

New member
I'm in the market for an upgraded clutch and trying to explore my options. Right now Im between a South bend daily clutch or the BFI. I went back and read through this thread and I see that nobody really has any reviews on the BFI kit, except one guys post, so I was curious if anything has come up recently. I'm planning to go k04 and was also wondering if I should do stage 2 or 3 since I feel stage 2 would be a little close to the threshold that it's rated for. Any input would be appreciated

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Passed Driver's Ed
Still very happy with my HS RSR clutch. About 3-3.5 years and 40K miles and still very much like the stock clutch with a stage 2 tune.


New member
Such a lucid and clear explanation of issues relating the Flywheel, Pressure Plate and Disc Plate etc. And with videos embedded, it turns the text yet more interesting.

However, if you wish to get any specialized information relating the clutch system in your vehicle, you can consult the user manual of your vehicle. It contains all the information relating vehicle’s clutch controls and can help you out effectively.

And suppose if you do not contain the user manual, you can get it online easily on


Passed Driver's Ed
Hey all - quick addition to the thread...

So my '12 had 80k on it. I upgraded straight from stock to Stage 2 and quickly found that the stock clutch (which wasn't previously slipping) wasn't able to hold above a hard 3k rpm after the tune, downpipe etc.

So after days of research, I had a shop drop in a South Bend Stage 3 with the stock flywheel and pressure plate...

Yeah, no.

Got it back and it slipped as bad, if not worse.

So I thought maybe the pressure plate needed to be 'reset'. Shop took it back apart and found that I had a Sachs reset needed or possible. What they did find though was that the flywheel was really warped from the stock clutch and the new disc was only contacting it on maybe the outside 30-40%

I ended up finding a used Flywheel / Pressure plate combo that had low mileage, and all is now well. Holding strong vs everything I've thrown at it.

So if you try to drop in a SBS stage 3 disc MAKE SURE the Flywheel is inspected before putting everything back together.


Passed Driver's Ed
Hi Guys,

Unfortunately I have to sell my car and on top of that my clutch started to slip last week.
I'm stock, just running a CAI..

I need to address the clutch issue cause no one will want to buy a car with a clutch that is slipping.

So, I was doing some research and I found the OE Clutch Kit for around $300 in ECS, then I found it in other two websites at a much lower price, partsvortex has it at $25 and pelican parts has it at $36. Those prices seem to good to be true to me..

I'm looking for part number: 06J141015J

Partsvortex already confirmed that it is the correct part I'm looking for and that the price is correct...

Has any of you purchased these parts from any of them before?

Thanks for your help.!!


So parts vortex just sent me an email saying that the part on their website (06J141015JU) is different from the one I need (06J141015J) and that it is "the part number of a core. it isn't something that you can buy"
So I'm not buying from them..

Here is the link of the clutch link they advertise just so you know how confusing their information is..
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