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officially annoyed - called me at 1:30 to tell me they found an n276 fault. Which tells me that even though the car was scheduled for 8 am, they didnt touch it till 1. Grrr.

lol did you tell them you already knew that?


When he said that I didnt really know how to react and was like "Yeah... that was already on the paperwork that Doug drew up for me last night." He was very befuddled and tried to get into the warranty discussion that I rapidly moved him off of as i want that one in person.

My big annoyance is that this could easily have been resolved today had they addressed it at time of appointment, instead they waited 5 hours and there is almost no way its done today.


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Latest update - power relay (which makes sense, as i can hear a relay clicking about a minute before the EPC light comes on). Will have it in on monday.

Weekend without the car tho?

I really hate when shops do this, and why I usually try to do all my own work if possible.


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Weekend with a base jetta. Let me try to contain my enthusiasm.

Do I hear rally car time....



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Drove 100 miles to the dealer today to get my door panel replaced because it was delaminating.

VW sent the dealer a shit door panel in a box with no evident signs of damage. Now they have to order another and I have to go back.

I'm backing the dealer 100% with this, they showed me the box and the part, and caught it and refused to install the part.

Can't really figure out why VW would send a part in that condition.
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