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I couldn't resist, just ordered a set of BBS CO's!


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i recently ordered these beauties on tirerack:)



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Incoming order for some Michelins shipping to Maryland! Whoohoo!!
just wondering does Tire Rack still carry the BBS bright silver touch up paint?

We don't have any touch up paint unfortunately. Most decent body shops should be able to color match fairly well. I know this isn't much help in the case of a small chip or scratch.


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My OEM all-seasons are starting to show threads.. time for new tires.

I'm in southern california and I drive 60-70 miles daily but I do love to throw my car around every now and then. What do you suggest for a long-lasting tire that will also give me more performance? I'm willing to sacrifice longevity for performance though.

I've looked through TireRack and everytime I check out the website I get overwhelmed with the abundant amount of choices lol.

Thanks in advance.


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Just placed my order for a set of s drives.