VAG-COM — Torque Steer Compensation (update: it works!)


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(update down in post 5)

I think this just showed up in the latest version of VCDS. Maybe it was there before and I missed it. Either way, this is very interesting!

The Torque Steer Compensation (TSC) is only being activated for Front-Wheel-Drive (FWD) Models which have a high powered Engine. This Function prevents the Car from leaning into one Direction while Accelerating in Combination with powerful Engines and unequal Lenghts Drive Shafts.

The pic below says it's enabled for at least the FWD VR6 Passat. So the VR6 Passat lays down about the same HP as a stage 2 GTI. I wonder if this is of benefit for tuned GTI's? I'm going to have to try this out. Anybody with K04 want to give it a shot? :iono:

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. I wonder if its more then software

Yeah, I have no idea. I plan on doing a quick test by going to an open parking lot and accelerating hard with no hands on the wheel (just very close). Then changing the setting and repeating.


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UPDATE: It works! :thumbsup:

In my relatively brief test, it appears to definitely work. I also couldn't detect any negative side effects either, but I haven't driven far. Changing TSC to 1 does indeed reduce torque steer. In my car, it made it completely go away. I went to an open parking lot and did 5 runs with each setting, as close to full throttle as I could without burning the tires, although I did induce some wheel hop (arg!). I was trying to maximize the torque steer effect. I did not have my hands on the wheel at all.

With the torque steer settings at 0, the default, I actually only ran in 1st gear because the wheel starting going to the right. I did 5 full runs like this, it pulled to the right each time. Sometimes not quite as bad as the vid, and one time worse. But it was never neutral.

With the torque steer settings at 1, I was able to run into second gear as well. The wheel does not pull to the right, even with no hands. It kind of floats there, as you can see in the vid. I did 5 full runs like this, all the same. Even 1 run where I got wheel hop. It never pulled.

I will be keeping this setting unless I notice some negative side effect in the steering. I did do some accelerating through a couple of corners and it seemed normal, but I really need to drive around for real to see better. I can't see this being a bad thing though. :iono:


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hopefully it wont eat an axle, I may have to try this before an autox I guess.

It doesn't use the brakes, so I wouldn't worry about axles (like how some people worry about it with XDS). I think it's all done with the electric steering assist. It's already doing some of this now, just not as much. It's the same system that does Driver Steering Recommendation (DSR). :thumbsup:

The only side effect I think could possibly show up is a slightly more vague feeling in the steering. I haven't driven enough to evaluate that though. Either way, it's also super easy to turn back off if the steering feels more lame.
Very interested in this! Nice find! Subd.


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What is this going to do when you try to accelerate through a corner?

Tested this a bunch this afternoon, as I had to run errands all through the city and drove about 60 miles after work. You don't really notice it accelerating through corners. If you accelerate too hard, XDS works like normal. The steering wheel doesn't seem to get too light or anything. So far, I'm still liking it! It was relatively wet out for 2/3 of the drive though. Looking forward to a nice warm 70 degree day to flog it.


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Interesting. I'll keep watching this for more. Thanks for posting!
hmm...sounds like its going to eat more brakes

Shouldn't. It doesn't use the brakes the way xds does. That would be redundant. Instead the idea is that it uses the suggestive steering program just in a different way. Shouldn't hurt anything having it on.

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