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  • Arin, PLEASE HELP!!

    Running APRk04 kit and tune

    Got error code and CEL P050A

    So here's my boost per gear (What it holds at after it settles) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seem low to me. I'm running all supporting mods except haven't installed my FMIC yet...

    1st: ~4
    2nd ~12
    3rd ~17
    4th ~18
    5th ~20
    6th ~20

    PLEASE any help or insight would be very muh appreciated

    I have checked my intake, no leaks, and my local APR dealer (Bob Hindson Racing Kansas City) seems stumped, and my dealership as well. I've had them check the throttle body pins and they said they are receiving proper voltage and ground, and I don't want to spend 700 replacing the throttle body if it won't solve the issue :-/

    Have you dealt with the P050a before? Would that be causing low boost? And why only in first few gears?

    Thanks in Advance Arin, i'm a SAD gti owner right now!
    Hi Arin,

    I was wondering - what's the max decibel rating on the APR RSC TBE system for the Golf R? Is it above 90dB?

    Hey Arin,

    I have a turbo question for you. This is my first turbo car and have had it for a year now. One thing that I have noticed when driving, and something that I am trying to understand, is that when I make a rolling 90 degree turn and accelerate out of it there is no boost. I assume this is a common occurrence in other GTI's, but I would just like to understand why this happens. Is it because of the spool time not being fast enough to respond, or perhaps these turbos are set to engage only in certain gears ie. not first or second? Any light you can shed would be appreciated.

    Hi Arin. I just got my stage 1 tune done on Thursday and today I got into an accident and the car is going to be a write off. Is there anyways possible to get the tune transferred over to my new car when I get it? I can't afford another tune and only had this one for 4 days. Please let me know if there is anything APR can do for me. here is the link to the thread on the accident you can check out.
    I forgot my lockout code. If I contact you guys, woud you be able to give it to me please?

    Curious if APR has done any testing or knows anything about the Torco fuel additive. I can't get 93 octane here in Utah due to the elevation I suppose and was thinking about using this stuff to mix it up to 93 so I can run my 93 file. It's a pretty inexpensive way for me to get there. The other alternative is to mix up some 100 with the 91, but the 100 octane is 9.50 a gallon.

    I had my car flashed 'stage II' yesterday. The tech at AutoMotion in Louisville, KY told me when I asked, that it was now flashed Stage I/II. I asked if it wasn't supported to have a stage II only flash because I asked for that, and have the required hardware. I was told by the tech there was no difference until I got to stage II+ for the MK6 GTI. I called the APR support line to question the shops answer and was told there is little to nothing different between the stage I/II software, besides the O2 sensor disconnect.

    The question is, who is right, and what did I have flashed to my ECU??

    Can I simply call the support line with my VIN and find out?

    If I have stage I only, does APR need to get a hold of that speed shop and correct them?

    Hi arin,

    I recently purchased both the stage 1 and 2 Carbonio intakes from a friend however he did not have the rubber coupling attaching the stage 2 pipe to the MAF housing. Also he didn't have the bracket holding the heat shield onto the battery box. Is there any way I could get the replacement parts from you guys? The bracket is an easy hardware store trip to find something that fits but I would really like to have the exact rubber coupling for the stage 2 pipe. Please let me know if this is possible.

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