4motion swapped 2.5 turbo Variant Build


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for the love of god, update please. is this guy alive??????
Yes. His progress has been very much on his instagram. Hopefully he gets a chance to give a big update here soon


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Sorry for the lack of updates here, but I've been mega busy with the car over the last couple months. These items included the following:

  • Mocking up and fabbing the full stainless and v-band turbo back exhaust
  • Tracing down a coolant leak and fixing it
  • Making a new coil pack harness (Tefzel wire, DR-25 fully sealed, DT AS connectors)
  • Full AN conversion of all vacuum, air, fuel and coolant lines
  • Fixing a ton of VCDS faults from having the car torn apart and put back together
  • Fixing a few broken things I discovered (rear latch mechanism, faulty air bag crash sensor, etc)
  • Getting parts painted, powder coated, polished, etc
I'll try to catch up in the upcoming days with some detailed pictures of progress, but for now, know that the car is "complete" for this stage of the build and beginning road testing tomorrow!



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Took the car to Mitchell @ Mitchell Fabrication in PCB, FL to get the last exhaust section finish welded and to redo the rear-most hangar. The car is running great and I can finally say that 'Phase 1' of this build is complete.

The exhaust is full 3" turbo back 321 Stainless Steel. I'm currently running it catless with a Magnaflow performance muffler and Vibrant UltraQuiet resonator. Vibrant v-bands are used at all connection joints and DEI stainless heat shields are used in critical areas.



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So cool..........I mean just awdsome.


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Took the car to Helen, GA for Alpine VOLKSFAIR. Great time at the wagon meet and the car was selected to be in the main show event on Saturday. The response to the car/project was very positive and I was able to meet some folks that have followed along from the beginning in person, which was really nice.

Overall the car did amazing on this 850 mile round-trip venture with zero issues. I'd be confident to drive it anywhere in it's current state. Have some big things planned on the horizon (this Fall), but for now, I plan to put some miles in on Sundays and enjoy it for a bit.

Here are a couple snaps from the show.



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Well, I got bored with not having anything to do, so on to V2 of the engine build after a 1,000 mile :)

New parts, some bespoke to this build, have started to show up. Plans for V2 are the following:

  • Billet intake runners mated to TTRS plenum
  • Custom billet aluminum coolant flanges for OEM radiator and firewall
  • Billet coolant flange at cylinder head
  • Custom billet T-Stat housing with AN integrated fittings
  • Full AN conversion for all cooling components
  • Custom aluminum coolant overflow reservoir + relocated to driver side
  • Titanium boost/charge pipes
  • Full Mil-Spec tucked wiring harness for engine and accessories
Quick test fit of the runners for prep and the first coolant component