GolNat's Build Thread - 13' GTI 6MT Coupe K04


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Mine came from StitchBoots. Etsy has some too that might be thinner.
Yeah I found the StitchBoots one. Looks real nice. I just looked and the one I found on Etsy uses factory material, which is great but maybe thick as well... Also Etsy ones are more $$ right now.


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Liquid power 💥


DG Shifter


Gonna do a carbon cleaning before the WMI. Also need to get an Accessport so I can get a custom tune from Stratified or Sneaky. Still need to instal my intercooler also. The shifter might go on soon tho going from 2nd to 3rd can be a little rough when in a hurry.


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You're gonna love that shifter! It's gonna make you want to put the rest of the bushings in lol


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Haven't messed with the car much or really driven it since it has gotten cold. I did discover oil seeping out of my boost gauge line and the inline filter is filled with oil. Might be time to replace the PCV.

Just moved into a new house. Smaller garage but still doable. There is extra space in the basement for a separate shop area so I can move a lot of my none car related tools down there. Once the weather warms up I will get back to improving the GTI. Garage needs some TLC first. Better lighting, work bench, and some organizing.



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I’ve been slacking on the build thread. Haven’t done much to the car just keeping it clean and enjoying driving it.

Did add some lighting to the garage a few months ago. Only did half still need to do the back half.


Was getting miss fire’s a few weeks ago. Replaced the coil packs with APR ones snd the plugs with new NGK’s. Coil packs are really nice and the car is back to running nice and smooth. No more back fires and stuttering when on boost.


I bought my original R8 coils from FCP Euro 2 years ago so I packed them up and shipped them back for my lifetime warranty refund. Cost me $10 to ship them on Monday and by Thursday they refunded me the cost of the APR ones (which were more money) 🤘🤘. Awesome program they have.


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Paid her off!

Now I just need to fix or sell the wagon and I’ll be car payment free. I’m going to try and see if I can sell it and not have to fix it.