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P2Spec is proud to introduce a new lineup of wheels to the community, NB1 - Euro Luxury Alloys - purveyors of fine, OEM inspired, premium alloys for today's VW and AUDI aftermarket.

Check out some of the very classic and new edge designs these guys are bringing on board :). And it's true, why pay a crazy OEM price? More information coming soon, but for now, on to the pics!

P52s carry the same Scirroco inspired styling back to the US and onto your VW or AUDI.

P53s have a wide, split 'triangle' spoke design that bring about a bold look to your VW/AUDI. Enjoy a dual finish with the P53s having a unique Gunmetal Barrel and Machined Face.

P102s have a dual plane and uniquely superthin multi-spoke pattern that creates an illusion of larger wheels from an 18" wheel setup.

P511s are a classic 'must have' for any hot hatch looking for a rock solid look. Thicker spokes mean business and the P511s utilize a classic, unmatched design in VW / AUDI wheel history.

P515s bring back a wide triple spoke look within 5-spoke balance. For a truly unique look and crowd turning style, P515s are sure to please.

PV10s are an advanced-type wheel with aggressive edging and a sharp turbine look. For wheels that look like they're fast on the move while staying still, move forward with the NB1 PV10s. PV10s also come standard with an exclusive Gunmetal Barrel, Machined Face finish.


All 18" Wheelsets are $599 + SHIPPING!

As of 02/02/11 - ALL IN STOCK!

We can bundle these wheels with our recommended tire setups or see what we can do to get them to your door wrapped and ready to go. Please contact us for details.

As always, any of our wheel offerings can be made even more exclusive by going with any of our below P2Spec Exclusive Powdercoats, just ask:

Depending on your wheel selection, hubcentric ring adapters may be required. PM for details.

For more up-to-date information, size availabilities and easiest ordering, click-through to the banners above or see the NB1 collection on P2SPEC.COM or click through this link. As always, if you need more information about these wheelsets please feel free to PM or E-Mail ( or directly.
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Ben please post up pics if anyone buys the PV10 or P52s I'd like to see them finished and on a GTI. Its awesome that you have these and can offer the finishes too. Can't wait till I get my tune done so I can start saving for wheels.



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I wouldn't mine the first set...

If they had Gunmetal barrels and machined faces.
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