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  • I haven't heard from you since the beginning of the week. I've sent you a few PMs and haven't gotten any response. Are my wheels shipped? Is there a tracking number? Do you have VW center caps for the wheels? Will tires that are 235/40 fit on the back with stock suspension or do i need spacers? Either way, that is the tire size I bought. I would like to know so if i need spacers I can buy them before the wheels get here.
    just wondering about the exterior front bulbs are they on the website and if so what r they called. is there a conversion kit i need or can i simple just change my old bulbs with these, i have a '11 tdi thanks
    Back to the M310's and Pro-kit. Do you think the drop will cause enough tuck so I don't mess up the fenders?
    Hey Ben, I was just wondering when you guys will be rolling out those lights you have on the the MK6 Golf?
    the blue almost Hid ones?
    I've had my mk6 Golf for close to a year now and i'm finally geting around to doing some upgrades/improvements.
    Hey Ben, gunna order the Dieselgeek Sigma 6 from you! Gunna hit you up with a PM now. Thanks man!
    Hey Ben, it's Mike (roof wrap and DG SS).
    i was just curious on what your charging for locals for coil installs?
    i rocked the ST coils on my MK4 and was looking into getting them for my 6.
    do you have a locals price for the coils and install?
    Hey Ben, I just went to the OC Food Truck Meet a few nights ago. It's off Magnolia and Bolsa. How far are you from there? Have you ever went to that meet? There were are about 300+ cars.
    What are the chances of getting an appointment today (Saturday, 29 Jan) to buy some ST Coilovers for my mkVI GTI and get them installed? I can't do it during the week, as I live in Lompoc, and it will take me 3-4 hours (depending on traffic) to get down there. I just now got the money, and if I don't spend it very soon, my wife will get hold of it and spend it somewhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Mike Schultz
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