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What's up all! Im finally making my build thread. As parts are accumulating and being installed on my car I will try to keep track and post. Using this thread as a journal can also help others get an idea on possible parts, methods/installs, ideas etc..
Feel free to ask questions!

This is my first VW and 3rd car Ive owned. I have been around VWs and finally happy that I own one now.

My Car:
2013 Candy White Convenience and Sunroof package
6 Speed Manual w/ Laguna Wheels.

Fall 2013

Now Summer 2015

Parts List

Injen Black CAI intake w/ Injen "filter sock" @ 1500 miles (Swapped out and installed Untronic Intake)
Soundaktor unplugged @ 1500 miles
42 Draft Designs Boost Tap @ 2500 miles
HPA 75a Durometer mount (Red Puck) @ 3000 miles
APR Stage 1 Ecu tune @ 3760 miles
HPA Short Shifter w/ MK4 side to side @ 4000 miles (installed pics page 4 post #69)
42 Draft Designs shifter bushings @ 4000 miles
TyrolSport Solid Shifter Bracket Bushings @ 4000 miles
Neuspeed FMIC @ 6520 miles Review Here
//CTS Turbo-Back Exhaust @ 8800 miles Review Here (REMOVED catback section @ 48,829 miles)
APR Stage 2 flash. @ 8920 miles
R8 Coils @ 10,135 miles
South Bend Clutch Stage 3 Drop in disc @ 11,780 miles
Neuspeed Charge Pipe (TB pipe) @ 18,021 miles
GoFastBits DV+ @ 22,240 miles Review Here post #276
Unitronic Intake @ 22,649 miles
Unitronic K04 with Stage 2+ Software @ 24,450 miles Pictures Here post #340
Unitronic DV relocation kit @ 24,450 miles
AWE K04 TOP @ 24,450 miles
AWE Track Catback @ 48,820 miles
034 Motorsports Street Density Motor/Trans Mounts @ 50,450 miles

VVME HIDs 4300K (low beam) @ 50 miles
VVME HID Fog Lights 3000K @ 50 miles
Custom front "tow hook plate bracket" @ 170 miles
Garden State Euros windshield decal @ 2200 miles :w00t:
deAutoKey LED (white) license plate lights @ 2600 miles
Color matched side markers @ 3000 miles
Rear Hatch Handle painted Candy White @ 3000 miles
Custom Euro plate "EmKaySix" @ 3850 miles (No idea where it is now...)
OEM Golf .:R Led Taillights @ 5800 miles
OEM Front Grille-Black vinyl wrapped red stripes @ 6700 miles
OEM Bi-Xenons (w/3M clear wrap) @ 12,500 miles -Highbeams using Kufatec adapters
Votex Front Lip @ 12,500 miles
VW OEM Roof Racks w/ Thule Bike Carrier @ 25,700 miles

NewSouth vent pod "Redline" boost gauge @ 2500 miles (removed @38,200 miles)
Euro Switch @ 2500 miles
deAutokey GTI plaid seat lever inserts @ 2600 miles (crap, shit fell off after 1 year)
"Clutch stop" mod @ 22,920 miles
BlackBox 1080HD Dash Cam. @ 37,350 miles
P3 Cars VIDI vent gauge White/Red @ 38,200 miles)

NGP Type 1 Coilovers @ 2200 miles (removed at 32,300 miles)
H&R 24mm Rear Sway Bar @ 7500 miles (Page 4 post #78 mini review)
KMDTuning Stress bar kit @ 15,150 miles
Wheels: Enkei RPF1 18x9.0 Et35 @ 26,900 miles
Tires: Yokohama S-Drives 215/40-18 @ 26,900 miles
034 Motorsport Subframe kit @ 29,200 miles
BC Racing BR Type Coilovers @ 32,300 miles Review Here
--Winter wheels VW "Denvers" 17x7.5 Et 52 wrapped in Michelin X-ice 225/45-17
-12MM spacers front and 13mm spacers rear.
Wilwood BBK (red) 13" rotor 6-piston @ 54,361 miles

-Windows up/down with Key Fob
-Rear wiper inactive when reverse engaged.
-DRL off, (on/off control through MFI)
-Fogs active when high-beams on
-Inactivated front of car voltage (12.8v "bulbsaver") NO more flicker from HIDs 👍
-Gauge sweep
-Seat belt chime off

H&R 26mm Front Sway Bar
Catch Can
Water Meth

I will do my best on updating installed parts/ my reviews. I hope to make my build thread something others can enjoy, find useful and follow my journey! 👍

Exhaust vids
CTS TBE Take off


In Car

In Car pt 2
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did you have to use the USP bulb adapters for your HID kit?

yes.. i got them online somewhere else.. but they are practically the same.
you will need them to hold the HID bulb in the headlight.


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"Teaser" wheels mounted.. but need skinner tires. right now 235/35-19
mounted on 19x8 et32

just a test fit.. took the wheels off.. def need to get my fenders rolled! im going to get 215/35/19 tires and maybe alil camber in the front and -2 in the rear.
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I love the drop from stock height. Stick with the OEM rims, they look so nice on your CW!