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  • Interested in stopping by your shop one of these days. Would be great to see your project car in person and seek advice on what I should do to my MK6 CSG GTI.
    I just picked up a Candy White TDI and I need to mod it. I am local to SoCal, any chance I can stop by and hit you guys up?
    Hi, I'm interested in the HID fogs for my GTI I want the yellow tint , could you point me too the correct kit? thanks

    This thread seems to show M310 machined face with black accent but your website is showing machined with gunmetal. Are my eyes playing tricks on me and the black is really gray?
    Hey Ben,
    I want to get the RacingDASH LED License Plate Lights for my MK6 but I can't check out from you site using PayPal. How do I get it to work?
    Hey Ben,

    Do you sell any VMR wheels for the '99 BMW M3? It's for my friends.

    Let me know,

    Hello BEN,I want the VMR V710 wheels ...
    gunmetal or super silver.
    I have not decided yet whether 18 "or 19 "..... you have photos of them?
    Hi Ben,

    Going to hold off on the DP for now, but I am also interested in the Dieselgeek SS. Can you send me the info on the instant discount?

    Thanks again!
    Hey ben I was jsut wondering how much the colour matched side markers will cost Beacuse im interested in some for my MK6
    hey ben hit me up, i added you guys on AIM! im coming down sat for the SS and the roof wrap, wanna iron out details :)
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