What did you do to your MK6 today?


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As far as stone chips go torga your color is the worst, it really shows them. The first stone chip really hurts, but as they accumulate it bothers me less & less. Now I look at them as a badge of honor celebrating all the fun miles driven.


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My hood and above my windshield are completely fucked with rock chips/peeling paint. I'm just gonna sand it down to get rid of the surface rust, probably put something on to seal it up, then wrap the car. Don't care what it'll look like underneath the wrap since it'll always have one and i'm not selling it


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Did you go ali express/ebay for that or did you buy it from ECS or whatever
I got it off EBay a few months ago while slowly collecting parts. Basically the same guy who sells on But I see pricing has really gone up since I bought it.


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Carvana finally listed my mk6 i sold a couple months ago and it’s already being purchased two days after being listed so I guess I should feel good about how well I took care of it but I have to admit it’s bittersweet. Can’t believe this is the selling price. Keep in mind this car was bought new for $24k in 2013.
Halogens and cloth seats too?? Wow, used prices are insane right now.


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Picked her up from the bodyshop after a bit of a "facelift"!!!


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I leveled and aligned my Helix headlights today. I used a lower level of my work's parking garage so that no one would bother me and I'd have free reign over the spots with level ground.
I primarily used this link as a guide. Very detailed.

This forum post was also helpful for images.

Working with the Helix headlights was surprisingly easy. I was expecting some small hassle at least, since they aren't "OE quality". Good units, mechanically. We'll see how long the electronics last in the long run.


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Finally after man moons Im able to drive it again. RMS started going last November and yesterday was my first drive since. also did a couple other things while the trans was out
iAbed RMS
CM FX400 clutch
MFactory LSD
USP steel shift forks with BAR-TEK brass slides
H&R 26mm front, 24mm rear sway bars
Rexsupersport fog shrouds

coming soon
H&R street SS coilovers
stop tech rotors
SS brake lines
yellowstuff brake pads
ECS FMIC and piping (on its way)

just need to quit being lazy to put it all on haha!



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When I redid the headliner on my Mk4 I went to JoAnns fabrics lol